Why should you pay Visitax before entering Quintana Roo city?

Why should you pay Visitax before entering Quintana Roo city?
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  1. Visitax, an obligation for tourists
  2. Contribute to the state's development
  3. Avoid issues with authorities
  4. Have a great time

Quintana Roo is an amazing state located in the east part of Mexico. Its magnificent places and buildings make it home to some tourists. The latters particularly appreciate the destinations of Cancún, Cozumel and Playa del Carmen. However, entering or leaving Quintana Roo is regulated by some rules that every foreigner shall follow. One of these rules is the implementation of the new tourism tax, Visitax. Today, we are going to discover the reasons hidden behind this mandatory tax and why you should pay it.

Visitax, an obligation for tourists

Visitax is implemented for every tourist, entering or leaving the state of Quintana Roo. It is a mandatory tax that all foreign visitors, staying in the region of Quintana Roo for more than a day, must pay. This includes foreigners traveling for tourism purposes, such as the state's attractions. 
That being said, the visitax.eu appears as an obligation for every single foreign visitor in Quintana Roo (or Mexico). The mandatory tax is also applied to all international travelers coming to Quintana Roo for business purposes, education or health issues. To keep it short and simple, if you are willing to go to Mexico's state Quintana Roo, paying the new tourism tax Visitax is a must. 

Contribute to the state's development

One of the purposes of the Visitax is to help the municipalities collect revenue from tourists staying in the region. This is also a great way to find the required funds for the development of the state. Actually, the collected taxes are used to implement projects such as public transportation, preserving the natural, historical and cultural attractions of the region and many other infrastructures.
This is ultimately going to attract more tourists or encourage travelers, who are already around, to stay longer in the state. As a tourist, you are going to contribute to the development of your favorite destination, and that is definitely a huge pride!

Avoid issues with authorities

The other reason you should pay the tax is to avoid having issues with the authorities of the state. The tax is a formal and mandatory law set by the authorities. It should not be skipped or worse, not being paid at all. If you do not want to get in trouble with the authorities, you better pay your Visitax.
Moreover, the Visitax is not just for Quintana Roo destination. Many other Mexican regions such as Cancún and Riviera Maya implement it; so, it is a general rule in Mexico. Paying your Visitax will also make you be seen as a credible and reliable person, from the authorities' perspective.

Have a great time

The ultimate reason for you to pay the Visitax before visiting the state of Quintana Roo, is to have a great time with your related ones! If you are heading to Quintana Roo, paying the tax will give you access to all the beautiful places in the region. From its beaches where you can do some activities to its royal restaurants, you will be pleased to go there.
In addition, this destination is also known for its interesting cuisine. Guess you know the famous tacos and burritos! If yes, you will be able to taste them once in Quintana Roo. However, if you are more interested in history, you can also visit the magnificent temples and castles of state.

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