Official Talks Between China and New United State’s Administration Takes Place for the First Time

Donald Trump’s hatred for the powers that be in China was and is immeasurable. At every given point in time, he did not mince word in blaming the Chinese for the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus with an alarming number of casualties happening in his backyard.

Although the Biden’s administration does not see eye to eye with several policies enforced during the Trump administration, the new administration agrees that caution is essential when making foreign policies that concern China. This is in light of how the Asian world power cannot be trusted.

Joe Biden Meets Officially with Chinese Leader for the First Time and Discusses most pressing Issue 

In just a short while in office, one of the areas of concern for the new president is reforming the United State’s foreign policy. This move has seen the new president meet with Russia’s Putin with bits and pieces of the meeting released to the press.

In the same vein, the president has had his first meeting with the Chinese counterpart. During the meeting, 3 critical issues were discussed.

First, Joe Biden tabled concerns over the trade relationship between both nations. This is in light of how this sector has been threatened under the former president’s administration. At some point in time, a sort of Cold War was emerging as China was trying so hard to outdo the United States in the innovation of the 5G network.

Joe Biden hopes to ensure that trade relations between both world powers get back to normalcy. This is even though caution will be ensured while trade activities are carried out with the Asian nation. 

Other Issues Discussed between China and United State’s Leaders

Other than trade relationship matters discussed between China and the Joe Biden administration, another subject raised was security and the pandemic.

The possibility of bringing up this conversation is not surprising given how the previous United States administration had accused the Chinese government of illicit affairs in this regard.

This discussion is also important concerning that China and the United States are key players in the United Nations Security Council team which has the upper hand in discussing and enforcing regulations binding on security matters all over the world.

It is therefore important that they see eye to eye on various security-related matters. Another issue bothering on security was the marginalization and ill-treatment of some proposed anti-communist sects in the Chinese nation. Joe Biden expressed concerns and hoped that the Chinese counterpart will see reason.

Lastly, the state of the pandemic and the major role both world leaders can play was another topic for discussion.

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