The most practiced types of yoga in 2021

Yoga is a discipline-based essentially on mediation and gymnastics for a better mental, psychological and physical well-being. There are several types of yoga to better meet the expectations of everyone. However, which are the most known and practiced at present? Discover the types of yoga that are the most practiced in 2021.

Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga is the oldest and most traditional type of yoga among the other types of yoga practiced in 2021. It remains the most practiced style of yoga in the world and especially on the European continent. Indeed, it is the most accessible and recommended by most yogis to beginners, because it is composed of several postures and exercises that are not very difficult.

Also, this style of yoga seems to connect the body, mind, soul and heart. Hatha yoga is widely practiced because it promotes flexibility and relaxation. Thus, it remains very important for yoga lovers in search of serenity and mental peace to visit the platform for information.

Ashtanga Yoga for athletes

This type of yoga is often practiced by young athletes. It is very dynamic and is based on a whole program of warrior postures. It is even that which makes its popularity since it is very used for the musculature and the flexibility. And the number of young people wishing to have beautiful muscles in 2021 is enormous.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is a creative and powerful style of yoga. This is why it is mostly prioritized by young choreographers or gymnastics enthusiasts. It allows them to work out and sweat, because it combines movement and breathing in a very continuous flow.

Lyengar yoga

The practice of Lyengar yoga is done a lot by Westerners. Indeed, this type of yoga is used to correct bad habits related to the placements and improves both flexibility and endurance. Its various postures also have a therapeutic aim. Hence their great practice by the Yogis.