How to choose a folding bike?

The folding bike is becoming more and more popular among young people but also among adults. As its name suggests, it is distinguished by a folding system which facilitates its storage. When purchasing this material, there are several things to consider.

The folding system

If you plan to use the bike frequently then the folding system is an important point. It is therefore essential that folding and unfolding are easy to perform so as not to waste time. Generally, entry-level models are more difficult to unlock. As for the high-end versions, they offer resistant hinges but also and above all easy to unlock. For more information, visit this website

The practicality of the bike in folded mode

If you plan to transport your folding bike on a regular basis then it should be easy to transport. There are certain bicycle models for this purpose that can continue to ride when in folded mode. So when the wheels are level and the bike has a dedicated system, you will have the ability to roll the bike. This option is very interesting because it saves you from carrying the bike.

Footprint in folded mode

The dimensions adopted by the bike in folded mode are also to be seen, especially if you want to store your bike in a closet or in a trunk. For this purpose, there are some brands that offer very compact models that will not be at all difficult to store. To avoid making bad choices, find out about the folded size of the bike before making your choice. This integrates the folded height, folded length and folded width