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Sunday Seminar 5:
The Job Description Of The Holy Spirit

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The Holy Spirit Is Spiritual Electricity

The third Person of the Trinity is God, the Holy Spirit. When Jesus died and went to Heaven, He sent back His Holy Spirit to serve humans by providing us with three kinds of power:

The Holy Spirit is really the Ghost of Jesus. In fact, the King James version of the Bible calls Him just that: the Holy Ghost

There are numerous power companies but they all distribute electricity. And there are numerous churches but if they have any supernatural power, it is of the Holy Spirit.

One thing applies in every case: we must be filled with the Holy Spirit. If we aren't, we have no source of power.

Electricity may be flowing all around us in the walls of a home or other building. This electric power can bring wonderful appliances to life in our hands, but only if we plug in to a receptacle and bring the electric power into contact with the computer, lamp, or tool we hope to use.

The Importance of self-defense

During the days of piracy on the high seas, pirate ships would steer close to a victim vessel so the marauders could swing over onto the deck from the rigging. When the defending captain saw the pirate ship drawing close, he called the command, "Prepare to repel boarders!" When we see Satan and his demons trying to board our vessel, we, too, need to prepare to repel boarders. Change that TV channel; leave the movie theater; close that book or magazine; close your eyes until the danger passes.

The objective of God and the forces of good is salvation of the souls of all humans who will accept His Son as their personal sin sacrifice. However, the objective of Satan and his demons is damnation of the souls of all humans in Hell forever. This conflict of objectives results in spiritual warfare. The latter portion of the sixth chapter of Ephesians describes this spiritual warfare in the hand-to-hand combat language of the first century. In fact, the term "stand" which appears several times in this chapter is an ancient military command. When given on the battlefield, the command "stand" meant to form a hollow square with the backs of the soldiers facing the inside of the square and the weapons facing out towards the enemy.



The night before Jesus died, He shared many important things with His disciples. During this time of sharing, He told them about the Holy Spirit, referred to as the "Comforter" in the King James Version. This is how He outlined the job description of the Holy Spirit as they walked from the Upper Room to the Garden of Gethsemane:

* * * * * *

After His death and resurrection, the time came for Jesus to go back up into heaven. Just before He ascended, Jesus said this to His disciples:

Acts 1:8. "But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses . .

There are several different interpretations of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. The scriptures outlined here represent a summary of what Jesus Christ, Himself, said about the Holy Spirit.

John 14:16 Permanent companionship.
John 14:26 Instruction.
John 15:26 Confirmation of Jesus' teachings.
John 16:7-8 Conviction of sin.
John 16:13 Revelation of truth.

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