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Sunday Seminar 2:
Normal Is Better Than Average

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Romans 12:1-2

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1. Average behavior: Doing What most of the people do most of the time.

2. Normal behavior: Living according to the teachings of the Bible.

-- God is our manufacturer. The Bible is our operator's manual.

-- Living according to the value system of the Bible is the normal, natural, logical Way to live.

3. Frequency may make a non-Biblical action average but never normal.

4. Living within the Biblical "prohibitions" is perfectly normal.

-- A certain prohibition isn't wrong because the Bible says it's wrong. The Bible says it's wrong because it is wrong.

-- Normal (biblical) living is sound practice from a psychological, physiological, financial, and sociological point of view.

5. Even though never practiced, certain sins can appear "normalized" to the born-again Christian through exposure to --

-- Humor. Dirty jokes always get a laugh. TV situation comedy scripts built around a suggestive theme are usually very popular.

-- Music. Things are sung about today which weren't talked about in mixed company 50 years ago.

-- Drama. The soap operas are a living catalog of all the sociological abnormalities known to the human race, to say nothing of sinful practices.

-- Fiction. Four-letter words are off the toilet wall and into the best-sellers.

-- Advertising. The bright and the beautiful are seen doing all the abnormal things in the most attractive environments.

6. The born-again Christian must remain sensitized to the abnormality of sin.


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