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Introduction to Bible Sex Facts

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© 1996 J. F. "Jeff" Cogan


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Bible Sex Facts grew out of a seminar I conducted in a church several years ago. This program was for adult married men and women and I made all presentations with my wife in the audience. All material was frank and based on the Bible's teaching about sexuality. Of course, I toned down the entire affair in deference to the mixed audience, compared to the current on-line version. When I got involved with the World Wide Web, I saw an opportunity to go where few evangelical Christian church workers had gone before. Of course, I made all material biologically correct and Biblically accurate. You can check the readers' response to the contents of the on-line version of Bible Sex Facts by clicking this link.

You might say the title of this book, Bible Sex Facts, is a triple oxymoron. What can the Bible, sex, and facts have in common? Before you grab the mouse and click somewhere else out in cyberspace, please know that I will discuss Christian marriage in a completely frank and open style. Here is what I'll teach about sex within marriage:

There are only three rules--

  1. Rule one: It is just as blessed to give pleasure as to receive pleasure.

  2. Rule two: The only sexual sin in marriage is selfishness.

  3. Rule three: Always be frank and honest with each other.

    If you do leave, make a bookmark first; come back some time and give me another chance:

    Bible Sex Facts --

The word "adultery" (sexual intercourse between persons who are not married to each other) appears 108 times in the Bible. No doubt most of these references relate to the fact that adultery is forbidden, from the ten commandments right on down the line. (Ex. 20:14. "You shall not commit adultery." ) However, few people realize that the Bible has a lot to say about sex in the positive sense, also. Especially the books written by the Apostle Paul.

Within marriage, no sexual activity is forbidden in the Bible. And that is what this booklet is all about: all the good aspects of marital sex which are not forbidden. In fact, the Apostle Paul, writing to the church at Corinth, teaches that equal pleasure is the right of both husbands and wives.

Many books have been written about sex and Christian marriage. What makes Bible Sex Facts different is that the language is as frank as a cable talk show about sex, while keeping everything within the context of what the Bible teaches.

When the context of this booklet demands biologically-correct terms, they are used freely.

God invented sexual pleasure so He could guarantee the continuation of the human race. Now that humans are hooked on the pleasure, there is no danger of humans ceasing to reproduce. And, there is no reason why we can't still enjoy the sexual pleasure God created for us, as long as it's within the bonds and bounds of marriage.

The terms Husband and Wife are used to designate the persons joined together in Holy matrimony. The terms relationship, significant other, and partners are not used.

Now, to paraphrase Dr. Laura, "Go enjoy the right thing!"

J.F. (Jeff) Cogan

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Part 1: For Children

Part 2: For Single Persons

Part 3: For Married Persons

Appendix A: Glossary

Appendix B: What the Bible Says About Sex

Appendix C: Questions with Answers

Appendix D: Normal Is Better than Average

Appendix E: A Special Message for Gays and Lesbians

Appendix F: Feedback From Readers

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