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PennSTAR Home SchoolMaster Curriculum

Free Sample Objectives: 07 Reading
The objectives displayed here are for preview purposes, only.

G. Edwin Lint, MA,
Educational Consultant
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

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16 Subject Areas and 105 Goal Areas

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© 1984 CSIU
G. Edwin Lint, Editor

Curriculum Reviewers: The names and employers listed below may have changed since their original contribution:

Howard Freeman, Ed.D., West Chester University
Diane Miller,, Keystone Central School District
Jeanne I. Long Lock Haven School District
Carol S. Niznik, BLaST Intermediate Unit 17
Marianne Price, Eastern Special Education Regional Resource Center

To create a custom curriculum, select objectives from the list below; select methods for the objectives from relevant activities.

0701 Reading Readiness
070101 Demonstrates an adequate speaking vocabulary
070102 Uses complete sentences
070103 Identifies textures
070104 Demonstrates kinesthetic awareness
070105 Demonstrates tactual awareness
070106 Identifies objects
070107 Identifies pictures
070108 Identifies tastes
070109 Identifies smells
070110 Identifies common environmental sounds
070111 Matches object to object
070112 Matches picture to picture
070113 Matches picture to object
070114 Displays knowledge about colors
070115 Discriminates among shapes
070116 Uses concept of same and different
070117 Reads first name in manuscript
070118 Reads full name in manuscript
070119 Prints own name in manuscript
070120 Matches letter to letter
070121 Matches word to word
070122 Recognizes same word in different contexts
070123 Explains pictures
070124 Sequences pictures
070125 Completes open ended sentences
070126 Comprehends stories
070127 Groups objects by category
070128 Recognizes similarities
070129 Supplies opposites
070130 Supplies analogies
070131 Identifies positional relationships
070132 Explains temporal relationships
070133 Identifies upper case manuscript letters
070134 Identifies lower case manuscript letters
070135 Matches upper and lower case letters
070136 Identifies letters
070137 Identifies words in different contexts
070138 Differentiates letters from numerals
070139 Associates letter sounds with symbols
070140 Identifies initial consonant sounds
070141 Identifies final consonant sounds
070142 Identifies rhyming words
070143 Handles book properly
070144 Demonstrates left to right progression
070145 Matches picture to word
070146 Displays knowledge about letters make words
070147 Displays understanding that a written word represents a spoken word
070148 Scans letters of words
070149 Reads color words
070150 Reads number words from one to ten
070151 Sequences events
070152 Follows simple oral directions
070153 Identifies survival words and symbols
070154 Reads directional words
070155 Shows interest in reading
070156 Takes clues from pictures

0702 Vocabulary and Word Analysis
070201 Possesses pre-primer sight vocabulary
070202 Possesses primer sight vocabulary
070203 Possesses basic sight vocabulary
070204 Uses correct pronunciation
070205 Uses consonant sounds to decode new words
070206 Identifies short vowels
070207 Identifies long vowels
070208 Reads words
070209 Discerns differences in word length
070210 Discriminates between short and long vowels
070211 Discriminates 'schwa' sound
070212 Supplies missing phonetic element
070213 Uses different sounds of G
070214 Uses different sounds of C
070215 Uses 2-letter blends
070216 Uses 3-letter blends
070217 Applies knowledge of word families
070218 Uses R-controlled vowels
070219 Uses L-controlled vowels
070220 Uses digraphs
070221 Uses diphthongs
070222 Applies knowledge of vowel patterns to word analysis
070223 Uses regular vowel patterns
070224 Uses 'Y' as a vowel
070225 Uses silent consonant combinations
070226 Attacks new words
070227 Makes new words
070228 Reads simple directions
070229 Applies knowledge of root words
070230 Applies knowledge of word endings
070231 Applies knowledge of number syllables in words
070232 Uses compound words
070233 Uses open and closed syllables
070234 Uses plurals
070235 Uses possessives
070236 Uses comparatives
070237 Uses abbreviations
070238 Uses synonyms
070239 Uses antonyms
070240 Uses homonyms
070241 Uses acronyms
070242 Uses contractions
070243 Uses prefixes
070244 Uses suffixes
070245 Reads pre-primer words
070246 Reads primer words
070247 Reads phrases and sentences
070248 Reads paragraphs or longer selections
070249 Reads complex directions
070250 Responds appropriately to punctuation
070251 Uses elementary dictionary to find word meanings

0703 Comprehension and Appreciation
070301 Recalls facts
070302 Locates specific information
070303 Sequences events
070304 Relates background of information to material read
070305 Displays an understanding of main idea of passage
070306 Classifies information read
070307 Synthesizes information read
070308 Makes inferences
070309 Draws logical conclusions
070310 Makes predictions based on material read
070311 Distinguishes between fiction and non-fiction
070312 Distinguishes between fact and opinion
070313 Identifies underlying assumptions
070314 Reads at appropriate rate with expression
070315 Reads orally for specific purpose
070316 Selects appropriate sources of information
070317 Adjust rate to suit purposes
070318 Uses context clues to understand meaning
070319 Explains the meaning of a word in a story
070320 Reads variety of literature
070321 Evaluates literature by listening
070322 Uses reading as a source of information
070323 Uses reading as a source of pleasure
070324 Uses reading as a source of personal growth
070325 Values the use of reading
070326 Explains author's purpose
070327 Identifies character traits
070328 Explains mood of written passage
070329 Paraphrases a written passage
070330 Interprets analogies
070331 Explains evidence cited
070332 Explains author's qualifications
070333 Interprets figures of speech in a sentence
070334 Maintains a positive attitude towards literature
070335 Reads silently
070336 Reads complex directions
070337 Recognizes propaganda devices
070338 Recalls details
070339 Identifies cause-effect relationships
070340 Identifies contrast and comparison in a story

0704 Functional Reading
070401 Uses survival words related to gender
070402 Uses survival words related to safety and health
070403 Uses survival words related to emergencies
070404 Uses survival words related to directions
070405 Uses survival words related to self-care
070406 Uses survival words related to travel
070407 Uses survival words related to social/legal restrictions
070408 Uses survival words related to service establishments
070409 Uses survival words related to employment
070410 Explains international access and warning symbols
070411 Reads road signs
070412 Reads job application words
070413 Orders from menu
070414 Reads TV, school, work schedules
070415 Reads travel schedules
070416 Reads coupons
070417 Reads clothing sizes
070418 Reads clothing labels
070419 Reads shopping list
070420 Reads aisle/department markers
070421 Reads product labels
070422 Locates a newspaper section
070423 Reads newspaper for information
070424 Uses periodicals
070425 Uses library

0705 Study and Reference Skills
070501 Alphabetizes words
070502 Finds alphabetized words
070503 Uses dictionary
070504 Uses dictionary guide words
070505 Finds word in dictionary
070506 Uses dictionary pronunciation key
070507 Finds word spelling from dictionary
070508 Finds word meaning from dictionary
070509 Locates specific areas of library
070510 Uses card catalog
070511 Conduct library research
070512 Uses reference materials and books
070513 Locates materials by subject, author, and title
070514 Uses reference books
070515 Uses table of contents
070516 Uses index
070517 Uses glossary
070518 Compiles a bibliography
070519 Organizes information in outline form
070520 Highlights important information
070521 Takes notes from a book
070522 Maintains a notebook
070523 Scans written material for answers
070524 Highlights important information in text
070525 Identifies main idea in chapter
070526 Lists main points in chapter
070527 Paraphrases written passage in own words
070528 Locates terms and definitions relevant to given selection
070529 Maintains a consistent style in note taking
070530 Carries needed note-taking materials
070531 Takes notes during a lecture
070532 Organizes notes in outline form
070533 Asks speaker for clarification when appropriate
070534 Makes unobtrusive use of recorder for note taking
070535 Attends to assigned task
070536 Follows directions for completing assignment
070537 Places assignments in priority order
070538 Follows time line for completing assignments
070539 Develops personal study plan
070540 Finds effective place for studying
070541 Studies for test
070542 Takes fill-in-the-blank test
070543 Takes multiple-choice test
070544 Takes matching test
070545 Takes true-false test
070546 Takes open-book test
070547 Completes essay test questions

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Free Downloads of the Publications in the DiskBooks Inventory

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