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Proof: Contents and Annotated Index

Scientific and Computer-aided Proof That God Is Real, the Bible Is Truth, and Jesus Christ Is the Messiah

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Table of Contents to The Signature of God

Pg. 7: Introduction
1. Pg. 20: The Battle for the Bible
2. Pg. 33: Incredible Evidence From Historical Documents
3. Pg. 48: Ancient Sinai Inscriptions and the Exodus
4. Pg. 69: Startling Archeological Discoveries
5. Pg. 81: The Historical Evidence About Jesus Christ
6. Pg. 108 Scientific Proof that the Bible Is Accurate
7. Pg. 139: Advanced Medical Knowledge in the Bible
8. Pg. 160: Precise Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy
9. Pg. 184: Evidence From Prophecies Fulfilled In Our Generation
10. Pg. 202: The Mysterious Hebrew Codes
11. Pg. 221: The Name of Jesus Encoded in the Old Testament
12. Pg. 228: The Mathematical Signature of God
13. Pg. 240: The Phenomenon of "Undesigned Coincidences"
14. Pg. 251: The Evidence of the Men who Wrote the New Testament
15. Pg. The Decision is Yours

Annotated Index to
The Signature of God
with Emphasis on Equidistant Letter Sequences (ELS)

Note about Page Number Extensions

.1 represents the top third of the page in the source document, .2 the middle third, and .3 the bottom third.

Editor's note: All key words in the Index (except Torah and Yeshua) have been anglicized for clarity. The original ELS words are in Hebrew, which I can't write and you probably can't read. GEL

Number Topic with Extensions

 Pages + Extensions


 Jewish scholars continue the work of Rabbi Weissmandl: they publish a paper in the "Journal of the Royal Statistical Society"

 204.2 Jesus said every "jot and tittle" (tiny Hebrew characters)will be preserved


 Modern Israeli math and computer gurus learn that every letter of the Torah "fits into a complicated tapestry of staggering mathematical precision."


 Scientists create a study text by removing all punctuation and spaces between words; the original style of Hebrew scripture text


 Now high-speed computers could look for ELS, both forward and backward


 "Torah" is found in Genesis and Exodus: every 50 letters.


 "God" is found in Leviticus: every 8 letters.


 "Torah" is found in Numbers and Deuteronomy: every 50 letters in reverse.


 Odds are 3,000,000:1 against this happening by chance.


 "Eden" appears 16 times in Gen. 2:4-10


 Conclusion: beyond chance or human design. Only God could have done it


 Assassination of Anwar Sadat is detailed: his name, who killed him, and the words Hebrew concepts of "gunfire, shot, murder, parade"


 Deuteronomy contains these words about the Holocaust: "Hitler, Nazis, Auschwitz, Belsen, Eichmann


 Genesis 39-41 contains these words about the French Revolution, Louis, Bourbon, Marseilles, Bastille.


 Dr. David Kazhdan, math chair at Harvard: a warning for those who reject this evidence.


 The level of incidence of ELS could not be duplicated by linguists and supercomputers.


 First 66 sages listed in Encyclopedia of Great Men of Israel; their names and date of birth/death are found as ELS words in scripture!


 ELS will not work on any Hebrew text outside of scripture, including the apocrypha


 Skeptics go crazy trying to debunk ELS; to no avail.


 Researchers did not "play with the computer" until they got lucky.


 Hebrew Torah text has been available to general public for years; it couldn't be faked now.


 ELS has been confirmed by Dr. Harold Gans, Sr. Researcher and Army intelligence expert: odds of happening by chance are 250,000,000 to 1


 We can't predict future with ELS; only study the past.


 ELS has nothing to do with scriptural numerology


 Possibility of all known instances of ELS happening by chance: one in several billion.


 Yeshua appears over and over again from Genesis to Malachi


 "Yeshua Is My Name" appears in Messianic prophecies


 Yacov Rambsel is major researcher of Yeshua in the Old Testament


 Yeshua first appears in Gen. 1:1

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