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Annotated Index:
The Bible Code and Bible Code II

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Equidistant letter sequences (ELS), which constitute the Bible code, are based on these facts:

1. The original text of the Old Testament was written in Hebrew.

2. This text was carefully preserved down through the centuries by monks and rabbis whose sole function in life was the safeguarding of this original Hebrew text.

3. The original text was without punctuation or spaces between words. A computer can print out all 304,805 characters and display them into 64 rows of 4772 Hebrew characters.

4. The computer can also display the entire original Hebrew text of the Bible as a gigantic crossword puzzle. Coded messages appear when ELS finds related words and concepts horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.

5. Dates are coded according to the Hebrew calendar but are translated to AD for clarity.

The Bible Codes is filled with segments of these ELS crossword puzzles, many of which will be referenced in this annotated index. Dr. Eliyahu Rips, the discoverer of the Bible code, claims we have only scratched the surface with current findings. This is like working on a jigsaw puzzle with most of the pieces missing.

In The Bible Code, the references below show Hebrew characters with English footnotes, arranged in crossword style.

In Bible Code II: The Countdown, even more electrifying revelations are documented on the following pages: 3, 20, 167, 192, 236, 237.




Rabin's AssassinationYitzhak Rabin, Assassin That Will Assassinate.

Rabin's Assassination, continuedYitzhak Rabin, Amir, Name Of Assassin Who Will Assassinate, Name Of Assassin

Rabin's Assassination, continuedRabin Assassination, Amir, In 1995-96, Tel Aviv

Start of the Gulf WarFire on 3rd Shevat (January 18, 1991), Missile, War, Hussein (picked a day), Saddam, Enemy

 President ClintonClinton, President

President NixonWatergate, Who Is He? President, But He Was Kicked Out

The DepressionEconomic Collapse, The Depression, 1929, Stocks

 Neil ArmstrongMan on Moon, Spaceship

Comet Hits JupiterShoemaker-Levy, Will Pound Jupiter, 8th AV (July 16, 1994)

 Holocaust Hitler, Evil Man, Nazi and Enemy, Slaughter

 ShakespeareShakespeare, Presented on Stage, Macbeth, Hamlet

Heavier-than-air FlightWright Brothers, Airplane

 Newton and EinsteinNewton, Gravity, Einstein, Science, He Overturned Present Reality, They Prophesied a Brainy Person, A New and Excellent Understanding

Terrorist AttackAutobus, Explosion, Jerusalem, Israel, Fire; Great Noise, Dead Bodies, They Will Ride and There Will Be Terror

Netanyahu Election PredictedPrime Minister Netanyahu, Elected, Bibi

Role of the Computer in ELSIt Was Made By Computer, The Writing of God Engraved on the Tablets

 Purpose of ELSBible Code, Sealed Before God, Computer, To Shut Up the Words and Seal the Book Until the End

Purpose of ELS, continued1997, For You the Encoded/Hidden Secrets, He Sealed the Book Until the Time of the End.

President RooseveltRoosevelt, President, He Gave the Order to Strike on the Day of the Great Defeat

First Atomic BombAtomic Holocaust, 1945, Japan

 President Kennedy President Kennedy, To Die, Dallas

Lee Harvey OswaldOswald, Marksman, Name of Assassin Who Will Assassinate

 Jack RubyOswald, Ruby, He Will Kill the Assassin

 Bobby KennedyR. F. Kennedy, S. Sirhan, Second Ruler Will Be Killed

Oklahoma City BombingMurrah Building, Killed, Torn to Pieces, Desolated, Slaughtered, Death

Oklahoma City Bombing, continuedOklahoma, Terrible Frightening Death, There Will Be Terror

Oklahoma City Bombing, continuedHis Name Is Timothy, McVeigh, Day 19, On the Ninth Hour, In the Morning, He Ambushed, He Pounced, Terror

 World War III World War, 2000, Atomic Holocaust, In 2000/2006

 Communism Falls Fall Of, Communism, Russian, In China Next

 The Battle of ArmageddonHarmegiddo, Mount Megiddo, Asad, Holocaust, Shooting From the Military Post, Syria, Gog, Land of Magog, A Great Horde, A mighty Army

 Earthquakes Great Earthquake, In 2000, In 2006

 California Earthquakes Great Earthquake, LA Calif, In 2010, 1994

 Japan Earthquake Kobe Japan, Fire, Earthquake, The Big One, 1995

 Comet FallComet, 2006, Year Predicted for World, 2012, Earth Annihilated, It (comet) Will Be Crumbled, I will Tear to Pieces, 2012


Atomic Holocaust, In the End of Days, Code Will Save

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Teachers-- and parents who are homeschooling--
Download the PennSTAR Master Curriculum

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