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 What You Need to Know about Demon Possession
as excerpted from
Demon Possession Handbook
For Human Service Workers

© 1995 DiskBooks

By J. F. Cogan

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The following facts about persons who have been or are being influenced by demons may be critical to your investigation. The html links will take you to the full text related to this item as found in Demon Possession Handbook.

Demons in the Bible Who are demons? Demons are dark angels who work as the special agents of Satan, just as Holy Angels work as the special agents of God.

Sources of supernatural power Do demons have supernatural power? Demons are not all-powerful and all-knowing in terms of the supernatural power of God. However, demons do have power to induce susceptible and at-risk humans to do evil deeds which are so wicked, they would be unthought of under normal circumstance. This state of being under demonic influence is known as demon possession.

Demonic time-sharing Time-Share Demon Possession. Demon possession may last for relatively brief periods of time for any one individual. The rest of the time, the victim of demon possession may appear normal by social standards. Only when a demon is in residence will its presence be detectable in terms of the behavior of the victim.

Let's assume that the number of demons is fixed and that number is the same today as it was when Adam and Eve walked in the Garden of Eden. This means that demons today have to cover more territory -- in terms of human beings -- than at any time in the history of the human race. One way demons can accomplish this feat is through what computer experts refer to as time-sharing. ... Although they are not omnipresent in the same sense as God is everywhere at the same time, apparently they can move from point to point at very high speeds (just as Holy Angels can do). Assuming that their minimum speed of travel is the speed of electricity, 186,000 miles per second, a single demon can trouble a large number of people in the course of a few minutes. This is like a computer is able to work with a large number of customers, through time-sharing. ... The concept of time-sharing explains how a person can be a murderer or child molester one moment and the next moment, may appear calm, rational, and even brilliant. Demons may zap in out of victims at the speed of light, sometimes staying for just a few seconds at a time. The rest of the time, a victim can appear normal by social standards.

Symptoms of demon possession The behavior of these short-term victims of demon possession is characterized by four basic symptoms:

A. Violence. There is little doubt that all serial killers and serial arsonists are demon possessed. The classic case is Ted Bundy, who mixed violence with lust.

B. Lust. There is a distinct difference between normal sexual desire and lust. ... Demons are drawn by a human's interest in illicit sex. ... Regarding using pornography, Ted Bundy said, "Like an addiction, you keep craving something which is harder, something which gives you a greater sense of excitement until you reach the point where the pornography only goes so far. You reach that jumping off point where you begin to wonder if maybe actually doing it will give you that which is beyond reading about it or looking at it." ... A horrible mix of demonic violence and lust occurs in the case of a person who abducts a child, followed by rape and murder. The media fully documented such a case in late 1993, where an adolescent girl was kidnapped from her own home during a slumber party and later murdered.

C. Greed. Greed here is defined as a need for power as well as money. Problems in this area which relate to demon possession range from irrational shoplifting to overselling time shares.

D. An Unnatural Power of Persuasion. The modern cult leader is a classic example of a person with a demon enhanced power of persuasion. This is persuasive power which goes beyond a charismatic personality coupled with effective communication skills. This is the kind of persuasion which can convince large groups of people to band together with no visible and logical reasons for doing so. A cursory review of the lives of contemporary cultists, such as Jim Jones and David Koresh, will show an unnatural power of persuasion coupled with violence, lust, or greed in case after case.

This unnatural power of persuasion coupled with the intermittent nature of demon possession enables the primary victim to lie with a straight face. This makes it extremely difficult for anyone to believe that what appears to be a fine, upstanding citizen such as a teacher, minister, lawyer, doctor, boy scout leader, nationally-known televangelist, or major politician could ever be guilty as accused. This ability to lie with total conviction makes identification of such demon-possessed persons extremely difficult by such groups as school boards, church boards, bar associations, medical societies, legislative bodies, and juries.

Demon possession and the occult The term occult means "hidden" and, in a spiritual context, relates to Satan worship. Occult practices are associated with specific symbols and paraphernalia. The symbols include such things as the five-pointed star and the goat's head. Occult paraphernalia includes candles and blood. The blood is usually animal but can be human. The star, or pentagram, is often drawn on the floor with burning candles set at each point.

Interest in the occult Involvement or preoccupation with one of more of the following activities may point to demon possession:

A. Books about the Occult
B. Horoscopes and Astrology
C. The "New Age"
D. Hypnotism
E. Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP)
F. Fortune Telling, Palm Reading, and Tarot Cards
G. Seances
H. Ghosts and Haunted Houses
I. Reincarnation
J. Demonic Games (Including Dungeons and Dragons and ouija boards)

Pornographic and obscene materials Demons have a demonstrated interest in illicit human sexual activity. ... Using pornography can make a person vulnerable to involvement with demons, especially when the pornography is used in connection with masturbation and fantasies. ... Since demons are interested in illicit sexual behavior in humans, and since pornography leads to fantasies about illicit sexual activities, it follows that using pornography draws demons.

Mind-altering drugs Drug use draws demons because the drugs can open the mind to supernatural intrusions. ... The drug high produces an avenue of entry to the inner self which does not exist under normal circumstances. We could call a drug high the doorway to the soul. A demon could be described as a cat trying to get into a house. Leave a door open just a crack for just a second and that cat is in the house before you realize it.

Demons and criminal behavior The most infamous serial killer of all time is Ted Bundy. According to his own words, Bundy believed his descent into the horrible pit of sexual assault and murder was driven by an alien evil force and fueled by an addiction to violent obscenity.
Ted Bundy Interview with Dr. James Dobson

Sex crimes against children . Few Americans have the slightest inkling of what has caused the current epidemic of child molestation and even fewer have any idea of how to combat it. This next section is of critical interest to everyone involved with the criminal justice system, everyone involved with the vast network of human services providers, and everyone who is a parent or guardian of a minor child. The fact is, humans who have been infected by demons are fully capable of sexually molesting children in ways which are sick beyond belief. One eloquent proof of this fact is the flood of child pornography which is available in every major city in the nation. The Supreme Court has determined that child pornography is not protected by the First Amendment. That one fact alone is indication of the depths of depravity to which demons can drive adults in their sexual activities with children. Since demon possession is not likely to be detected by persons who are not trained and sensitized to the presence of demons, any victim of demon possession can be the perpetrator of sex crimes against children. This is not limited to dirty old men in long raincoats, either. This involves both men and women who have easy access to young children and who are in positions of authority over them. The group of possible suspects does not exclude such stalwarts of the community as teachers (especially in the preschool and early childhood education category), scout leaders, medical practitioners, ministers, priests, rabbis, baby sitters, and, sadly, parents and other close relatives.

The worst kind of child molester is the pedophile. Such a person makes sexual involvement with children a compulsive way of life. Photography plays a large role in the activities of the pedophile. Pictures are taken of children in sexual situations whom they have molested. These pictures are treasured, exchanged with other pedophiles, and often find their way into super-slick child pornography publications. Unfortunately, the Internet and the popular on-line services are being used to facilitate the spread of this plague against children.

The criminals in child molestation cases get pledges of silence from their victims through threats of violence. Since the perpetrators of sex crimes against children often work regularly with young children and hold positions of authority over them, it is relatively easy for an adult to psychologically abuse, as well as sexually abuse, these young victims. Children are told, "If you tell, you'll die," or "your parents will die", or "your house will burn down". After the horrors of sexual abuse, it's fairly easy for a small child to accept the possibility of horrible violence as well.

A Special Message To Sex Criminals. If you have committed sex crimes (such as rape or child molestation), or if you have suppressed urges to commit such crimes, the chances are very high that you are suffering from possession by a lustful demon. Nothing can give you permanent relief except deliverance through the power of the Holy Spirit. There is no cure in treatment. If you are arrested, convicted, and incarcerated, the relief will only last as long as you're locked up. As soon as you're out of jail, the demons will be right back, prompting you to resume your criminal activities.

By the way, the Holy Spirit may not keep you from being arrested for crimes committed before you were filled with His power. And if you are arrested, the Holy Spirit may not keep you from being tried, convicted, and incarcerated. But, if you are truly filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, the demons will be evicted and you will be free and clean as long as you continue to pray for the help of the Holy Spirit.

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Part 3: The Solution to Demon Possession
Appendix A: Glossary of Terms in Demon Possession Handbook
Appendix B: Glossary of Evangelical Terms in General
Appendix C: Ted Bundy's Execution-Eve Interview
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