Holy Land PA Donors
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The Holy Land PA Project
to be funded through the generosity of major donors that are interested in presenting the literal truth of the Story and Lands of the Holy Bible. Read disclaimer

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The minimum donation to the Holy Land PA Project is $10 million US dollars. This is the minimum because this is a major, multimillion project that will require the generosity of a few major donors rather than a multitude of small donors.

Disclaimer Statement: This donation ...

  1. May not be considered as a charitable contribution for the purposes of filing a US income tax return.

  2. Carries no real or implied indication that the donor[s] will have more than the power of making a suggestion or expressing an opinion regarding the eventual development and operation of Holy Land PA.

  3. Will be placed in the HolyLand savings account pending the accumulation in said account of a total amount sufficient to make viable acquiring property, breaking ground, or any other activity representative of the actual launching of the Holy Land PA Project, or five [5] calendar years, whichever comes first. In the event the project has not been launched within five years, the donor may request the return of the face amount of the original donation and it will be provided within 90 days of the request.

  4. Will be managed by DiskBooks Electronic Publishing as the sole fiscal agent.

I/We have read the Disclaimer Statement above and wish to make a donation of at least $10 million US dollars to the Holy Land PA Project as described in the Proposal.

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