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Born: March 10, 1934; Bellefonte, PA USA
Married: August 4, 1956, to Nancy Lee Hile, at Milton, PA USA Four children:
-- Judith Carol, born September 9, 1958, Vineland, NJ USA
-- David Edwin, born August 25, 1961, Vineland, NJ USA
-- James Alan, born October 27, 1967, Vineland, NJ USA
-- Jessica Lee, born July 25, 1971, Lewisburg, PA USA

Master of Arts in Educational Administration and Supervision, 1966
Rowan College (Formerly Glassboro State College), Glassboro, N.J. USA

Bachelor of Theology, 1957; Bachelor of Science in Bible, 1962;
Houghton College, Allentown Campus, Houghton, NY USA

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Full-time Professional Education Experience
6 Years: Elementary and Special Education Teacher
15 Years: School Supervisor, Principal, Assistant superintendent
16 Years: Education Adviser in the Pennsylvania Department of Education

Part-time And Volunteer Experience
25 Years: Christian radio DJ, announcer-engineer, program syndicator
10 years: interim pastor
8 years: director of Christian education
7 years: Engineered recording of local church worship services for weekly radio broadcasts
6 years: Adult Sunday school teacher
5 years: member of a regional gospel singing group
5 Years: Owner of retail gospel music retail store
2 years: Community representative for the Pennsylvania Council on Alcohol Problems
2 years: Publicity coordinator, local anti-pornography group.

Pennsylvania Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction
Pennsylvania Elementary Principal
New Jersey General Elementary Supervisor
Pennsylvania Supervisor of Special Education
New Jersey Elementary Teacher
Pennsylvania Special Education Teacher
Certified Mortgage Investor (CMI)
FCC Third Class with Broadcast Endorsement

Accomplishments and Experiences

Teacher Preparation

Developed You Can Be a Teacher, Too for college graduates and others who are not certified as professional teachers

1985-93 Primary teacher trainer in the utilization of the PennSTAR Computerized Curriculum

1966-67 Part time instructor in teacher training, Glassboro State College, Glassboro, NJ

Curriculum Development and Implementation

Directed four major multi-disciplinary curriculum development work groups.

Served as a state advisor to school districts for curriculum planning and long range planning for school improvement.

Was editor and principal author of the Pa. curriculum guidelines for special education.

Directed four 4-day statewide conferences on curriculum development.

Microcomputer utilization

Shopping for and Using a Microcomputer

How to Broadcast your church service recording on the Internet all day, every day

Was editor and principal author of the Pa. Computer Utilization Plan.

Served as computer coordinator for the Pa. Bureau of Special Education (1983-1994).

Wrote numerous training modules for Macintosh and Apple II software, including two full-length user manuals for the PennSTAR IEP and Special Education Master Curriculum..

Developed desktop publishing guidelines and standards for the Pa. Bureau of Special Education.

Books Written

"Church Worker Handbook" , [Practical things you may not have learned at Bible college or seminary.], © 1996.

"First Steps", a Guide to the Growth and Development of Baby Christians. © 1988, 1996.

"Gone", a novel about the rapture, © 1987. 1996.

"Parsonage" , a novel about life in an evangelical pastor's home, © 1996.

Operator's Manual, PennStar IEP Manager, Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit 16, ©1986, 1989
See PennStar Master Curriculum

Operator's Manual, PennStar Curriculum Manager, Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit 16, © 1987

Special Education Planned Course Guidelines, Pennsylvania Department of Education, © 1987

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This product is an excellent tool for creating IEPs and curricula. It consists of the following components:

  • 16 Subject Areas
  • 105 Goal Areas under the Subject Areas
  • 4,830 Objectives under the Goal Areas
  • 2,719 Suggested Activities for achieving the objectives.