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Personal and Professional Resume
for  G. Edwin Lint, B.S., Th.B., M.A.

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Educator, Author, Consultant

Editor of the Drawbridge Blog

This information was not collected for a specific purpose or project. It is merely the documentation of 50-plus years of living and working, from high school graduation to the present.

Personal Spiritual Testimony: I believe we must be born again and should be filled with the Holy Spirit. I am conservative in theology and politics. I support prayer and Bible reading in schools, total sexual abstinence before marriage and absolute fidelity after marriage. I oppose values-free sex education in school, abortion, obscenity and child pornography, and schools distributing condoms to persons who are not married.

The information in this block will be of interest to persons who know something about the former Pilgrim Holiness Church.

Everyone else can skip it.

Both my dad, Rev. J. Franklin Lint, and my maternal grandmother, Rev. Florein Strohl, were ordained ministers in the Pilgrim Holiness Church. Therefore, I was raised in a Pilgrim Holiness parsonage 1934 through 1953, when I "went away" to college. From 1948 to 1953, my dad was district superintendent of the Pennsylvania-New Jersey District of the Pilgrim Holiness Church.

The denomination's motto was: In essentials, unity. In nonessentials, liberty. In all things, charity. Those are excellent sentiments in a motto. Those who know something about life in a PHC parsonage know that it sometimes didn't work out as that motto sounds, at least as viewed by a teenage boy.

As I was growing up, Dad pastored churches in Bush Hollow, Pa., State College, Pa., Coleville, Pa., Stonington, Pa., Millville, N.J., and Rebuck, Pa.. While he was District Superintendent, we lived in the district parsonage at 715 North Maxwell Street in Allentown, Pa.

As a kid, I attended the following old fashioned Pilgrim Holiness Church summer camps with my family: Bald Eagle (which is now under the water of an artificial lake) in Howard, Pa., Sunbury, Glassboro, and Allentown (on the campus of Eastern Pilgrim College). In 1952, I first saw my wife, Nancy Lee Hile, at Allentown Camp; we had our first date at Sunbury Camp [Now moved and known as Willow Lake Wesleyan Camp.

In 1952, Dad gave me a Webster-Chicago wire recorder. Wire recorders recorded on wire as a magnetic medium in the same way tape recorders record on the iron oxide of recording tape. I'm sure this gift of a wire recorder gave rise to my great interest in radio broadcasting, that continues to 2009.

I loved to record those old-fashioned camp meeting services with my wire recorder and listen to the services all winter long. My favorite singers were the Strader Trio, and Max Hamilon with his trombone, and his singing sisters. My favorite evangelists were P.O. Carpenter of Wilmore, Kentucky, and Dr. Richard G. Flexon of Indianapolis. P.O. Carpenter and R.G. Flexon were the Billy Grahams of my teen years.

I attended the Allentown Bible Institute Academy during my last two years of high school, which was operated by the PHC. During 1952-57, I attended Eastern Pilgrim College in Allentown, also operated by PHC, where I earned the BS in Bible and Th.B. degrees. After I left Allentown, Eastern Pilgrim College went under name changes: Penn Wesleyan College; United Wesleyan College. The college was then closed and the campus was sold to a church named "Church on the Move". When I visited the campus in September 1998, I was saddened by building demolition that included Wesley Chapel [where I received my high school diploma and my college degrees] and Dieter Hall, the ladies' dormitory where my wife lived while attending EPC.

I left the PHC in 1959 to attend and become active in a Church of the Nazarene in Port Elizabeth, NJ (I have remained active in Church of the Nazarene, Christian and Missionary Alliance, and Assemblies of God churches to this day.)

The Pilgrim Holiness Church was merged with the Wesleyan Methodist Church in 1968 to become the Wesleyan Church. Eastern Pilgrim College went through several name changes before closing in 1993. The transcripts of graduates are now held at Houghton College, Houghton, NY. Houghton is operated by the Wesleyan Church.


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Master of Arts in Educational Administration and Supervision, 1966
Rowan University (Formerly Glassboro State College), Glassboro, NJ USA

Bachelor of Science in Bible, 1962;

Bachelor of Theology, 1957
Houghton College, Allentown Campus, Houghton, NY USA

Full-time Professional Experience:
6 Years: Elementary and Special Education Teacher
15 Years: School Supervisor, Principal, Assistant superintendent
15 Years: Education Adviser in Pennsylvania Department of Education
12 Years: Author and Consultant [in retirement]

Part-time And Volunteer Experience
35 Years: Christian Radio DJ, Announcer-engineer, Program Syndicator
10 years: Pastor and Pulpit Supply
8 years: Director of Christian Education; Christian Service Training; Local Churches
7 years: Engineered recording of local church worship services for weekly radio broadcasts
6 years: Adult Sunday School Teacher
5 years: Member of a Regional Gospel Singing Group
5 Years: Owner Of Retail Gospel Music Retail Store
3 Years: On-line and on-site College instructor

2 years: Community Representative for the Pennsylvania Council on Alcohol Problems
2 years: Publicity Coordinator, Local Anti-Pornography Group.

Music Experience
Played trumpet in the high school band and orchestra
Played trumpet and tuba in the college orchestra
Played trumpet in the Central Pennsylvania Gospel Band
Sang in the high school and college choir
Sang in numerous duets, trios, quartets, and ensembles
Sang in and managed a regional Gospel singing group
Directed church choirs

Directed church worship

Pa. Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction
Pa. Elementary Principal
NJ General Elementary Supervisor
NJ Supervisor of Special Education
NJ Elementary Teacher, K-8
Pa. Special Education Teacher
FCC Third Class with Broadcast Endorsement

Christian Writings
Who Killed Jesus, and Why?
© 2004
Your Right to Know the Facts Before Your Baby Is Aborted © 2004

Scientific and Computer-aided Proof that God Is Real, the Bible Is Truth, and Jesus Is the Messiah ©1996
The phenomenon of Equidistant Letter Spacing (ELS) in the original Hebrew of the Old Testament, as described in "The Signature of God" by Grant R. Jeffrey"

Church Worker Handbook , [Practical things you may not have learned at Bible College or Seminary.] ©1996, 2000, 2005, 2013

This book includes the following major sections:
0. Speaking and Praying in Public

1. You Can Be a Teacher, Too
(How to Be a Christian Educator Even though You've Never Been to College)

2. Outcome-Based Education (OBE)
(Facts and Fiction about OBE for evangelical Christian parents and educators)

3. Church Music
(Directing Congregational Singing, Providing Special Music, Working with a Volunteer Orchestra)

4. Creating True Fellowship in Your Church

5. Shopping for and Using a Microcomputer

7. Basics of Desktop Publishing

8. Using Mikes for Speaking and Singing; Operating a Sound System

9. Making a Broadcast-Quality Recording of Your Church Service
(For broadcast or tape ministry)

10. Church Publicity and Public Awareness

11. How to Publish on the Web

12. Planning and Conducting a Public Meeting

13. Guidelines for Children's Programs [such as Christmas time]

14. Broadcasting a Recording of Your Church Service on Internet Radio

17. Email Basics

18. Understanding Church Ceremonies

First Steps, a Guide to the Growth and Development of Baby Christians.
DiskBooks and hard copy; ©1971, 1988, 2013

Gone, a novel about the rapture, when Jesus Christ comes back to earth and takes everyone to be with Him who has accepted Him as a Personal Savior.
DiskBooks and hard copy; ©1987. 1996, 2013

Parsonage , a novel about life in an evangelical pastor's home.
DiskBooks; ©1996, 2013

Secular Writings

You Can Be a Teacher, Too. An on-line handbook for persons with training responsibilities but no formal teacher training. ©2013, 2005, 1996.

Using the Windows and Macintosh Clipboard: A Tutorial, © 2005, 2013

The Wright Brothers Were Wrong, © 2004, 2013

Operator's Manual, PennSTAR IEP Manager, Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit 16, ©1986, 1989. 2013 -- See PennSTAR Master Curriculum

Operator's Manual, PennSTAR Curriculum Manager, Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit 16, ©1987

Special Education Planned Course Guidelines, Pennsylvania Department of Education, ©1987

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