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November 20, 2014: Acorn Stairlift at the Ed Lint house

July 26, 2014: How dumb do they think we are? [regarding IRS disk drive failures]

June 5, 2014: DiskBooks Electronic Publishing Complete Download Inventory

May 13. 2014: Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven by David Jeremiah, DD

May 12, 2014: Lions of Judah by Gilbert Morris, Ph.D.

May 7, 2014: Attention all Yankee fans: Do You Expect to See Mickey Mantle in Heaven?

April 27, 2014: Vote for Conservatives; America's Only Answer

April 25, 2014: Atheists and Agnostics: if you don't know GOD, don't make stupid remarks!

April 19: The day Jesus died and the day He rose from the tomb

April 18, 2014: Who Killed Jesus, and Why?

April 12, 2014: Here's the Noah book Paramount should have made into a movie

March 25, 2014: Video of Glenn Beck's Review of the Paramount Movie Noah

March 18, 22014: Attention seniors: Your hospital Medicare admittance has just changed under ObamaCare. You must be admitted by your Primary Care Physician in order for Medicare to pay for it! If you are admitted by an emergency room doctor it is treated as outpatient care where hospital costs are not covered

March 11, 2014: The 5,000 Year Leap : President Ronald W. Reagan wanted this book taught in high schools and Ted Kennedy blocked it

March 10, 2014: Updates on the day Jesus died and the date He was born

March 8, 2014: There's Oil in them thar US hills and America is doing nothing!

February 28, 2014: Obama said in his June 2009 Cairo speech, "I know too that Islam has always been a part of America's history"

Febuary 14, 2014:Dr. Ben Carson, Chairman of Save Our Healthcare

February 1, 2014: Kerry Gets Blasted by Israel Minister of Defense as "Messianic"

January 23, 2014: Obama's Impeachable Offenses Listed as Cronyism, Corruption, Cover-ups

January 21, 2014: Obama is the Most Un-American President in the Nation's History: Nat Hentoff

December 23, 2013: Christmas Meditations by G. Edwin Lint

November 24, 2013: John Hagee Is Now on Global Evangelism Television 24/7 via Roku

November 22, 2013: Bible Highlights Available for Selected Books of the Bible

October 30, 2013: Gay rights movement has become a Trojan Horse for totalitarianism

October 22, 2013: Gaither.TV -- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

June 5, 2013: Jimmy Swaggart SonLifeBroadcasting Network Update

October 21, 2013: Billy Graham Sounds Alarm for 2nd Coming

October 4, 2013: Obama and the new sexual revolution

Aug. 21, 2013: Obama impeachment movement is snowballing

Aug. 19, 2013: Obama's Impeachable Offenses

July 3, 2013: The LA Zoo has an African Lion. The White House has a lying African!

May 26, 2013 Obama may be facing impeachment; Vice President Joe Biden:
I would make it my business to impeach him.

May 24, 2013: Monsters, Inc? Texas Doc Picks up where Gosnell Left off

May 21, 2013: Obama: Accessory To Murder?

May 20, 12013: Pictures are worth thousands of words!

May 17, 2013: Obama Impeachment Has Washington Buzzing

May 13, 2013: Obama was put on 2008 ballot via voter fraud

May 4, 2013: Obamacare Is a Crime, Claims South Carolina Lawmakers

May 1, 2013: We might be in the final stages of the Islamization of Europe: Geert Wilders

April 21, 2013: Gospel Music Loses a Giant: George Beverly Shea Passed Away April 16, 2013 at Age 104

April 20, 2013: Michelle Obama Visited 'Person Of Interest' says Saudi Report

April 10, 2013: President Bush's Opening Pitch in a World Series game at Yankee Stadium After 9-11

April 8, 2013: Bomber Bill Ayers Confirms What Obama Has Denied

April 7, 20013: Christian Music Sparks Attack by Muslim Mob

April 4, 2013: Obama's 'confession' uncovered: "I am not a dictator. I'm the president"

April 1, 2013: Obama may be found ineligible in Roy Moore's Court

March 29, 2013: Today, the Lion Died, as Our Lamb of God, and became Our Coming King of Kings

March 18, 2013: Obama: Americans are getting serious about your impeachment

March 15, 2013: The EMP is a very real threat for the US

March 13, 2013: Obama Lets China Steal Top Secret NASA Technology; impeachment is our next step

March 8, 2013: Update on Larry Sinclair's Accusation of Homosexual and drug activity with Barry Obama

March 6, 2013: Tarzan update

Feb. 28, 2013: A Wonderful New Biblical TV Mini-Series

Feb 27,1013: Muslins involved in gruesome double murder, two Christian men decapitated

Feb. 25, 2013: Obama and Clinton in 2016?

Feb. 22, 2013: America needs the Ten Commandments

Feb. 19, 2013: Obama and Voting Hypocrisy!

Feb. 17, 2013: Obama Scorched By Ordinary Americans

Feb. 14,2013: State of the Union According to Sen. Marco Rubio

Feb 13, 2013: Jimmy Swaggart and the SonLife Broadcasting Network

Feb. 11. 2013: Obama Impeachment: A Growing Case

Feb 6, 2013: An important petition to fight unions

Feb. 4, 2013: First presidential election event of 2016

Jan. 7, 2013: Obama, the first Muslim president

Dec. 12, 2012, Obama is safe in the oval office; it's not too soon to turn our attention to Hillary

Dec. 10, 2012: "Training for Treason" by Holly Swanson

Nov. 5, 2012: Drawbridge's Posts Concerning Obama's Alleged Criminal Activities

Nov. 5, 2012:Impeach Obama and give us all peace!

Nov.3, 2012: Pennsylvania will turn out to be Obama's Gettysburg

Nov. 2, 2012: Obamacare Hurts Seniors: Here's How!

Oct. 31, 2012:Pastor David Jeremiah speaks out on the faith of Obama and Romney in this video

Oct. 30, 2012: Radical Islamists routinely visit White House

Oct. 29, 2012: Where Faith Leads Obama

Oct.28: 2012: Sunday Seminars

Oct. 27,: 2012 Experts: Hackers Will Crack Election Systems

Oct 26, 2012: Kaboom! Trump Drops Obama Bombshelllll

Oct 25, 2012: Yet Another Secret About Obama's Life

Oct 24, 2012: More proof that Obama is educated beyond his intelligence

Oct. 23, Swing- state stunner:

Oct. 22, 2012: How Obama's Mind Works

Oct. 21,2012: The Wright Brothers were Wrong!

Oct. 20, 2012: The Rove-Akin Scandal

Oct.. 19, 2012: Obama's Green Energy Handouts Costing Billions

Oct. 18, 2012: Romney and Ryan - a winning Team!

Oct. 17, 2012: Is Obama Confessing Ineligibility?

Oct. 16, 2012: Survey Shows Most Protestant pastors are going with Romney

Oct. 15, 2012: Volt Battery Plant that got 150m in taxpayer money furloughs workers

Oct. 12, 2012: Obama 'thinks rule of Islamic law good thing'

Oct. 10, 2012: Was Obama on drugs during the recent Romney/Obama debate

Oct. 9, 2012: Obama, the liar in chief

Oct. 8, 2012: Obama didn't join Wright's church to follow Jesus

Oct. 7, 2012: First Steps for Baby Christians


Oct. 4, 2012: Finally Romney takes the fight to Obama in last night's debate!

Oct. 3, 2012: Obama shocker revealed by Trinity Church members

Oct. 2, 2012: Obama adviser admits: 'we need death panels'

Oct. 1, 2021, This Scandal could Dwarf 'Fast and Furious'

Sept. 28, 2012 Voting Fraud By Government Officials Caught On Tape! Why Are They Not In Jail?

Sept. 27, 2012. Ten Questions for Obama to answer in the presidential debate

Sept. 26, 2012: AntiObama Library of Must Reads

Sept. 25, 2012: SonLife Broadcasting Network is a television and radio network that is broadcast around the world 24/7.

Sept 13, 2012: Obama hid his homosexual life style so he could become senator and president

Sept. 11, 2012 :The Scandal At Columbia That Ends The Obama Presidency:

Sept. 6, 2012: DEMS delegates, leaders struggle to explain floor fight over God, Jerusalem platform change

Sept. 4,2012: Sheriff Joe Won't Abandon Obama Probe

Sept. 03, 2012: Does Obama Really Hate America?

Aug. 31, 2012: Michael Moore: 'Get Used To Saying President Romney'

Aug. 30, 2012: Obama, heads up! GOP expects big score this election

Aug 29, 2012: Obama: Bill Whittle sure has your number in this powerful video

Aug. 28, 2012: Obama now selling his birth button; could we call it a belly button?

Aug. 27, 2021: Obama lies as America dies: Dr Jerome Corsi sounds the alarm

Aug. 26, 2012: Winter Driving

Aug. 25, 2012: Obama is crying because Mitt and Ann know where their birth certificates are and all little Barry has is a forgery trumped up by dirty tricksters

Aug. 24, 2012: Obama: There's another Canadian pipeline!

=====Drawbridge will be on vacation until Aug, 24, 2012

Aug. 19, 2012: Dinosaurs and the Bible

Aug. 18, 2012: Obama can't count on the young voters who pushed him over the top in 2008

Aug. 17, 2012: Obama: here's your real Birth Certificate from Mombasa, Kenya

Aug. 16, 2012: Obama listens with a sour puss while Paul Ryan tells how it is with health care

Aug. 15, 2012: Panic in the camp of Obama

Aug. 14, 2012: Health care for everyone?

Aug. 13, 2012: Now here's a winning combination!

Aug 12, 2012: Angels [A Type of Celestial Being] and Dragons in the Bible

Aug 11, 2012: Obama locks up officer over his own eligibility

Aug 10, 2012: Obama is a forger and a fraud, according to Sheriff Joe Arpaio of the Cold Case Posse

Aug. 09, 2012: Obama's forgeries demand a full congressional investigation

Aug. 8. 2012: Obama filmmaker reveals deeply disturbing background

Aug. 6, 2012: Obama billboard "Fool Me Twice" will greet DNC conventioneers

Aug 5, 2012:: Demon Possession Handbook -- Part 2: Demon Possession Defined and Explained

Aug. 4, 2012: Would Blacks Vote For A White Obama?

Aug. 3, 2012: Obama: David Manning preaches about Larry Sinclair, Barry's sex and drug partner in 1999

Aug. 2, 2012: Yesterday was Chick-fil-A rally day and Americans flocked in droves to local stores to show their support

Aug. 1, 2012: Obama forged his birth certificate; therefore we, the people, demand Congress conduct a complete investigation

July 31, 2012: The Liberal Media's History of Falsely Blaming Conservatives for Massacres

July 30, 2012: Obama's devastating 2nd-term plans have been leaked into a new book that uncovers shocking blueprint on economy, military, healthcare, immigration

July 29, 2012: Demon Possession Handbook --Part 1: Demon Possession Defined and Explained

July 28, 2012: Obama can't win on the facts so he has descended to calling names

July 27, 2012: Conservatives and Evangelicals Rally around Chick-fil-A restaurant

July 26, 2012: Obama off Dem ballot? Dial 1-800-617-7709

July 25, 2012: Obama blasted by new "anybody but Obama" ad

July 24, 2012: Obama Solyndra fiasco figures attend swank Obama fundraiser

July 23, 2012: Secret of Obama's phantom numbers uncovered; plus extensive new video report of Sheriff Joe's Cold Case Posse

July 22, 2012: Chapter 18: Understanding Church Ceremonies: Church Worker Handbook

July 21, 2012: Obama is still a forger according to Sheriff Joe Arpaio's new report of the Cold Case Posse

July 20, 2012:Romney should tell Obama "show me your records and I'll show you mine," in Trump/Hannity radio interview

July 19, 2012: More about Obama's daddy; is it communist pornographer Frank Marshall Davis?

July 18, 2012: Obama is a national security threat, according to Sheriff Joe's Cold Case Posse report

July 17, 2012: Obama is a forger and here's more proof

July 16, 2012: The Champion by Carman

July 15, 2012: Lazarus, Come Forth! - by Carman

July 14, 2012: Obama: who's your daddy?

July 13, 2012: Obama: "we are no longer a Christian nation". Little Barry: stop and smell the roses

July 12. 2012: Big labor's power of forced unionism has crippled America's competitive edge, forced countless companies overseas, polluted our political process for nearly half a century, crippled America's competitive edge

July 11, 2012: Why Obama lies: exploring what's behind the president's glaring and unprecedented dishonesty

July 9, 2012: Obama's missing time at Columbia may have been found

July 8,2012: Chapter 17: E-mail Basics

July 7, 2012: Obama's senior aide Valerie Jarrett, blames class warfare on Fox News

July 6, 2012 Obama is careless with his dreams

July 5, 2012: Obama is proven of Social Security fraud

March 4, 2012: Stars and Stripes Forever, Marine Band

July 3, 2012: Obama has no money but he's still spending

July 2, 2012: Obama: Sheriff Joe Arpaio schedules another news conference on your eligibility to be president

July 1, 2012: Chapter 16: Church Workers Handbook -- Supervision and Administration of Sunday School Programs

June 30, 2012: Obama's Birth Certificate has been Confirmed as being the work of forgery and fraud.

June 29, 2012: Obama as the Amateur in the White House" hit the number one spot on the New York Times list for the fifth week in a row

June 28, 2012: Obama: Patriots who doubt your eligibility shall now be called "forgers" and not "birthers", retroactively to March 1, 2012

June 27, 2012: Runaway slave: Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and all Democrats -- Rev. C. L. Bryant as is bringing a new underground railroad which black conservatives are using to speak out against big government policies

June 25, 2012: Obama's Eligibility-Trial Excuse

June 24, 2012: Church Workers Handbook, Chapter 15: Broadcasting Your Church Service on Internet Radio

June 23, 2012: Ed Klein discusses his new Obama New York Times best seller, The Amateur, with Glenn Beck

June 22, 2012: "Obama is an Amateur" claims President Bill Clinton in Ed Klein's new blockbuster book, The Amateur

June 21, 2012: Obama Is a classic example of an empty suit

June 20, 2012: Jack Cashill quotes biographer David Maraniss: there was no Obama family!

June 19, 2012: Obama inherited a fiscal fiasco created by Democrats in Congress and himself, not George W. Bush!

June 18, 2012: "Obama's administration is the most corrupt ever," says G. Gordon Liddy, Watergate burglar

June 17, 2012: Church Workers Handbook -- Chapter 14: Planning a Children's Program

June 16, 2012: Obama's birth certificate may have been bought on the black market in the early 1960s

June 15, 2012: Obama should not be reelected in Nov. for these 38 reasons [and these are just a few items from a long list]

June 14, 2012: Obama is a Texas post turtle

June 13, 2012: Obama costs us taxpayers $8 Million every time Air Force One lands and takes off

June 12, 2012: Obama: Herman Cain [a black man] says your facts are wrong

June 11, 2012: Obama and the green energy scam; just what constitutes a green job?

June 10, 2012: Church Workers Handbook -- Chapter 13: Planning and Conducting a Public Meeting

June 9, 2012: Obama is not eligible to be president; tell Congress with this petition

June 8, 2012: Have you ever wondered why relatively intelligent Americans vote for Obama, or any other Democrat, for that matter?

June 7, 2012: Scott Walker's big Tuesday win makes competition and not a monopoly possible in the US public education system

June 6, 2012: Thanks boys, for being willing to storm the beaches at Normandy on June 6, 1944, in the face of deadly German fire

June 6, 2012: Obama's gay accuser, Larry Sinclair, gets a legal boost

June 5, 2012: Obama: James Dobson, PhD, of "Family Talk" says, "I will not pay the surcharge for abortion services!"

June 1, 2012: Congress can't balance the budget; we must elect all fiscal conservatives [no Obama] or our nation is in the wake of the Titanic!

May 31, 2012: Obama wants more people to get more free stuff and he wants Patriots to pay for it!

May 30, 2012: Donald Trump slaps CNN and Wolf Blitzer for not reporting Obama birth fraud!

May 29, 2012: Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a modern-day Wyatt Earp; Obama, watch out!

May 28, 2012: Obama's Bain Attacks against Mitt Could Backfire

May 27, 2012: Louis Zamperini, in Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand: From incorrigible teenager, to 1936 Olympic runner, to B-24 bombardier, to Japanese POW, to a 1949 Billy Graham Crusade in Los Angeles, to redeemed!

May 26, 2012: Let's have Romney name his complete cabinet at the RNC national convention in Miami, August 30, 2012

May 25, 2012: Christians United for Israel: Washington Summit - July 16, 18 2012

May 24, 2012: David Barton of WallBuilders identifies Obama as America's Most Biblically-Hostile U. S. President

May 23, 2012: Lou Dobbs Is Puzzled by the "Taboo" among Conservatives against Discussing Andrew Breitbart's 'Obama Is Born in Kenya' Story

May 22, 2012: Mitt has a very impressive resume, as outlined below. You have been learning about Obama since 2007, as drips and drabs trickle out. Review the facts and pick a president!

May 21, 2012: We're here, we're un-queer; get used to it!

May 20, 2012: Mitt Romney speaks at Liberty University Commencement; the university was founded by Dr. Jerry Falwell in 1971

May 19, 2012: Obama proves again he is educated beyond his intelligence by transmitting a message to Vladimir Putin over a hot mike. Now, the whole world knows who and what he really is

May 18, 2012: Hey Mitt! Don't pull the plug on the Jeremiah Wright, Obama, Donald Young connection just yet. There's more here than meets the eye!

May 17, 2012: We need to lose the Law of the Sea Treaty. Ronald W. Reagan rejected it in 1982 and we should, also

May 16, 2012: Contact your representative and senators STAT! [today!]

May 15, 2012: Is Michelle Obama a Political Liability?

May 14, 2012 : Obama is the first gay president. It's official

May 13, 2012: Ronald W. Reagan: a Man of Faith

May 11, 2012: Will Obama Come Out Next? by Larry Sinclair

May 10, 2012: Obama White House now registering unviable tissue masses for tour groups!

May 9, 2012: Did the FEDs Destroy Evidence on Obama's Draft Registration?

May 8, 2012: Brigitte Gabriel speaks out against Muslim "dishonor" killings

May 7, 2012: Ann Coulter on Muslim Extremists

May 6, 2012: Church Workers Handbook -- Chapter 12: How to Publish on the Web

May 5, 2012: Lawsuit filed against Council on American-Islamic Relations[CAIR-Michigan]

May 4, 2012: Obama: Is he our first Muslim president? The PolitiChicks and Frank Gaffney discuss the answer

May 3, 2012: Michael T. Duke [Wal-Mart CEO] for president; Mitt Romney for VP in 2012

May 2, 2012: Obama is a communist and we had better understand that this Alinskyite is not just destroying our way of life, he is betraying us to our enemies

May 1, 2012: Obama close adviser Valerie Jarrett may have been planted by Communist sympathizer; more proof of little Barry's Communist connections

Apr 30, 2012: Obama policies opposed by the Roman Catholic Church: a good Catholic cannot vote for Obama

Apr. 29, 2012: Church Workers Handbook: Chapter 11-- Church Publicity and Public Awareness

Apr. 28, 2012: Obama has a gay accuser [sexual activity and drug use] and now there is a legal ruling about Larry Sinclair's accusation

Apr. 27, 2012: Obama has a communist background and draws Marxists and socialists into his close management circle as czars

Apr. 26, 2012: Obama knows nothing about running a business, especially a family farm

Apr. 25, 2012: Obama wants to steal your Internet privacy; contact your Representative today; voting is scheduled for Thursday; demand a NO vote on HR 3523

Apr. 24, 2012: Obama surging against the Supreme Court

Apr. 23, 2012: Obama: the Tea Party is going to you expose as America's first and only fraud president

Apr, 22, 2012; Making a Broadcast-Quality Recording of Your Church Service

Apr 21. 2012; The late Andrew Breitbart: the most hated conservative and maybe the most effective conservative activist

Apr. 20, 2012: Thank the Lord there is only one California in the 50 United States of America!

Apr. 19, 2012: Dutch Reagan teaches Little Barry about the dangers of Communism

Apr. 18, 2012: Obama must believe that charity begins at home; that's Kenya and not the US; no wonder his birth certificate is a forgery

Apr. 17, 2012: Obama and Holder need to support voter photo ID cards to prevent voter fraud

Apr. 16, 2012: Obama gets low marks in Marine survey

Apr. 15, 2012: Why did Jesus fold the linen burial cloth after His resurrection?

Apr. 14, 20112: Plan to Attend the Values Voters Summit, DC, September 14-16, 2012

Apr. 13, 2012: Shannon Goessling is suing the EPA and Obama according to this PolitiChicks report

Apr. 12, 2012: Obama is educated beyond his intelligence and here is the absolute proof

Apr. 11, 2012: 50 reasons why no thinking American should vote for Obama in November 2012

Apr. 10, 2012: Poll shows voters cheering Supreme Court's challenge of Obamacare [Sic 'em, Scalia!]

Apr. 9, 2012: Michiganistan [Dearborn] Christians must waive rights

Apr. 8, 2012: Can we be sure Jesus arose from the dead and is alive today?

Apr. 7, 2012: Dennis Prager states the greatest threat to our country: we have not passed on what it means to be an American to this generation

Apr. 6, 2012: Thank you, Jesus, for dying on the cross for my sins so I may have eternal life

Apr. 5, 2012: Obama receives return fire from the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals: DOJ Must Respond

Apr. 4, 2012: Hillary supporters now included in Sheriff Joe Arpaio's expanded Obama eligibility probe of qualification to be president

Apr. 3, 2012; Obama: Heads up! Several states are reviewing your eligibility to be on the November ballot as president!

Apr. 2, 2012: Remember when America was the destination of promise, the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Apr. 1, 2012: Palm Sunday

Mar. 31, 2012: Obama: Here's why Mychal S. Massie does not like you. In fact, he can't stand you and Michelle

Mar. 30, 2012: Obama is "the greatest deception in American History" Jerome R. Corsi PhD

Mar. 29, 2012: Obama: Lord Moncton of the UK now doubts the validity of your birth certificate after reviewing Sheriff Joe Arpaio's collection of evidence

Mar. 28, 2012: Obama: surprise! America is the best nation in the world, as verified by the PolitiChicks with Bill Whittle

Mar. 27, 2012: Obama forged his birth certificate; listen to Alex Jones tell it as he sees it

Mar. 26, 2012: Obama is using the Catholic Church to push his agenda of Socialism

Mar. 25, 2012: Church Workers Handbook: Chapter 9 -- Using Mikes and Using a Sound System

Mar. 24, 2012; Obama: Sheriff Joe Arpaio wants your original Draft Card STAT

Mar. 23, 2012: Obamacare must be killed now

Mar. 22, 2012: Obama got financial assistance from Bomber Bill Ayers' family as a foreign [Indonesian] student on his way to becoming president

Mar. 21, 2012: Obama is running an algae racket with tax dollars he has to print and/or borrow

Mar. 20,2012: Obama education as a foreign student financed by Bomber Bill Ayers' family

Mar. 19, 2012: Obama has placed the US in a constitutional crisis, according to poll

Mar. 18, 2012: Church Workers Handbook: Chapter 8 -- Basics of Desktop Publishing, Part 2

Mar. 17, 2012: Looks like President George W. Bush was right about the Weapons of Mass Destruction threat posed by late Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein

Mar. 16, 2012: Obama: The Donald is on your forger tail again, and he has been joined by Robert Stack

Mar. 15, 2012: Obama birth certificate forgery being covered reluctantly by mainstream media

Mar. 14, 2012: Obama's birth certificate is a forgery; local CBS coverage of Sheriff Arpaio's report

Mar. 13, 2012: Obama impeachment bill now in congress

Mar. 12, 2012: We the People Have the Power over Obama and all liberals; the PolitiChicks, and Singer/Songwriter Ava Aston Tell Us Why

Mar. 11, 2012: Church Workers Handbook: Chapter 8 -- Basics of Desktop Publishing

Mar. 10, 2012: Obama revealed as a fraud by literary sleuth Jack Cashill as he tells the complete Obama literary fraud story involving "Dreams from My Father"

Mar. 9, 2012: Obama may have been born in Kenya, Sheriff Arpaio Cold Case investigation reveals

Mar. 8, 2012: Obama loses Democrat primary in 15 Oklahoma counties; is this the beginning of the end?

Mar. 7, 2012: Obama: both your long form birth certificate and your Selective Service registration are as valid as Monopoly money!

Mar. 6, 2012: Obama crushes civil liberties like Dubya [President George W. Bush] never did

Mar. 5, 2012: Obama chooses thug oil over friendly Canadian oil

Mar. 4, 2012 Church Workers Handbook: Chapter 6. Shopping For and Using a Microcomputer

Mar. 3, 2012: Farewell Andrew Breitbart at CPAC 2012

Mar. 2, 2012: Full video [1:21] of the Sheriff Joe Arpaio press conference March 1, 2012, on Obama's eligibility Cold Case investigation

Mar. 1. 2012: Obama eligibility no longer off the media radar screen

Feb. 29, 2012: Obama and the rise of Marxism/socialism in America

Feb. 28, 2012: Obama Plays Race Card, Calls on [Black] Churches to Support Campaign

Feb. 27. 2012; Gov. Sarah Palin nails her speech before the 2012 Conservative Political Action Convention

Febg. 26, 2012: Church Workers Handbook: Chapter 5 Creating True friendship in Your Church

Feb. 25. 2012: PolitiChicks report some amazing stuff from the Conservative Political Action Conference 2012!

Feb. 24, 2012: Is Obama a Muslim or is he a Christian: Franklin Graham explains

Feb. 23, 2012: Clinton and Kennedy: our security was threatened by their sexual behavior in the White House

Feb. 22, 2012: Obama White House and "Media Matters" form an unholy, and possibly illegal, alliance

Feb. 21, 2012: Obama may not be eligible for Pennsylvania 2012 ballot. Hallelujah!

Feb.20, 2012: Obama may not be on ballot in Indiana and other states [Mississippi, Arizona] because of eligibility

Feb. 19, 2012: Church Workers Handbook: Church Music continued: Ten Commandments for Worship Leaders and Worship Team Members

Feb. 18, 2012: Global Warming: the Drawbridge Official Position

Feb. 18, 2012: Obama's latest Taxpayer-Backed wacko idea, "Genesis Solar Project," Stalls

Feb. 17, 2012: Obama: Pastor John Hagee of Cornerstone Church [San Antonio, TX] expresses his profound appreciation ...

Feb. 16, 2012: Sheriff Joe Sets D-Day on Obama's Eligibility

Feb. 15, 2912: Obama proposes $800 million in aid for Arab spring and Muslim Brotherhood

Feb. 14, 2012: Newt over Santorum says Chuck Norris

Feb. 13, 2012: Obama is the most Anti-Israel President

Feb. 12, 2012: Church Workers Handbook: Chapter 4 Church Music

Feb. 11, 2012: The real truth about conservative Republicans and what they truly really believe

Feb. 10, 2012: Obama has millions who are contributing to elect him for another four more years. Let us contribute to help derail his election

Feb. 9, 2012: Obama: your unions are staring into a financial abyss and channeling Saul Alinsky

Feb. 8, 2012: Obama and his super PAC-men bundlers gone wild!

Feb. 7, 2912: Obama crows over jobs when the real employment deficit is at least 10.5 million

Feb. 6, 2012: Obama's most dangerous video ever

Feb. 5, 2012: Church Workers Handbook: Chapter 3: Outcome-Based Education [OBE]

Feb. 4, 2012: Muslims and political correctness

Feb. 3,2012: The Obama campaign machine lied about the Ayers relationship in 2008 and they're still pumping out lies to this day

Warning: Adult preview recommended for interview and YouTube video

Feb. 2, 2012: Obama: Larry Sinclair reports his 1999 homosexual encounter and cocaine use with you in an interview with the New Hampshire Herald

Sinclair in YouTube expose of his involvement with Obama

Feb. 1, 2012: Obama's Hawaiian original birth certificate may soon see the light of day

Jan. 31, 2012: George Soros: "Not Much Difference between Obama and Mitt Romney"

Jan. 30, 2012: "Obama is a disappointment," said Steve Jobs before he died

Jan. 29, 2012: Church Workers Handbook: Chapter 2: You Can Be a Teacher, Too

Jan. 28, 2012: Obama had his hearing in Georgia regarding his eligibility: the evidence that he does not meet the simple requirements of the law is overwhelming

Jan. 27, 2012: Obama's election was the most expensive catastrophe in history: more costly than the sinking of the Titanic, the Exxon Valdez oil spill, or even the Chernobyl meltdown

Jan. 26, 2012: Obama couldn't meet his book deadline; he has writer's block

Jan. 25, 2012: Obama: speaking out of term?

Jan. 24, 2012: Avoid Doublemyspeed.com

Jan. 24, 2012: Stand With Us to Fight for American Free Enterprise

Jan. 23, 2012: Romney will lose against Barack Obama: Republicans, don't be fooled

Jan. 22, 2012: Speaking and Praying in Public: Teaching, preaching, oral prayer: Part Two

Jan. 21, 2012: 10 major Obama cover-ups of 2011

Jan. 20, 2012: The Obama administration never uses terms like Islam, Muslim, Jihad, Jihadist

Jan. 19, 2012: Obama resists appearing before a judge at a Georgia eligibility hearing

Jan. 18, 2012: Colton Burpo revisited: the boy who went to heaven and lived to tell us about it

Jan. 17, 2012: Conservative columnist Cal Thomas shares three important conservative victories

Jan. 16, 2012: Colton Burpo: "Heaven is for real and you're gonna like it!"

Jan. 15, 2012: Speaking and Praying in Public: Teaching, preaching, oral prayer

Jan. 14, 2012: American Business for Legal Employment

Jan. 13, 2012: Chuck Woolery and his team of gifted chimps shows how to save $1.5 trillion in 10 minutes

Jan. 12, 2012: Proof Obama's birth certificate is a forgery; he should be impeached

Jan. 11, 2012: Rush predicts landslide Obama loss in 2012

Jan. 10, 2012: Obamacare looks very grim for brain surgery patients over 70

Jan. 9, 2012: Newt says, "When 14 million Americans are out of work, we need a new president to end the Obama Depression."

Jan. 8, 2012: A new Year's resolution regarding the Drawbridge content on the 2012 Sundays

Jan. 7, 2012: Obama fights the US approach to the debt ceiling by creating a whole new bureaucracy

Jan. 6, 2012: Obama is laughing stock for Shaker Heights High School assembly

Jan. 5, 2012: Rush says it all: vote all liberals out of office!

Jan. 4, 2012: Finally, a judge has the intestinal fortitude to say Obama must be 'Constitutionally' eligible to appear on the 2012 Presidency Ballot

Jan. 3, 2012: Obama: I voted for you once but I'll never do it again

Jan. 2, 2012: "Warrior," the REAL War Horse the Germans couldn't kill, who braved the bullets, barbed wire. and shell fire of World War I

January 1, 2012: Happy 2012 to all our friends and family

Dec. 30, : 2011: Obama: why do you have an Islamic Sharia term like "dhimmitude" in your health care law?

Dec. 29, 2011: Obama does not want you to read "Impeachment" because it can change the entire world before election day

Dec. 28, 2012: Dr. Sowell: pick Newt over Mitt

Dec. 27, 2011: Obama may be stepping on Sheriff Joe because of the sheriff's Cold Case Posse investigation of Barry's ineligibility to be president

Dec. 26, 2011: Year-end Holiday Greetings

Dec, 25, 2011: We all know that Jesus was born 2,000 years ago, but why was He born?

Dec. 24, 2011: The Bethlehem Inn and the Innkeeper

Dec. 23, 2011: Why was Jesus born in a barn?

Dec. 22, 2011: Date of Christmas and your spiritual birth date

Dec. 21, 2011: Equidistant Letter Sequences [ELS for short] and the reality of Christmas

Dec. 20, 2011: Donkey for Rent: the Christmas Story Told Digitally

Dec. 19, 2011: Want to join the Texas Nativity crowd in singing praises to Baby Jesus and the soon-coming King Jesus

Dec. 18,: 2011: How many wise men worshipped Jesus?

Dec. 17, 2011: Obama and the Democrats are primarily responsible for the financial fiasco we are in, not Bush and the Republicans

Dec. 16, 2011: Obama's war on oil production; another reason to vote for anyone but Obama

Dec. 14, 2011: Stopping Obama before the election

Dec. 13, 2011: Is Barry Soetoro Obama constitutionally eligible to serve? Download WND's complete archive of 827 news reports on the issue as a free 52-page pdf file

Dec. 12, 2011: Newt highlights from the December 10, 2011 debate

Dec. 11, 2011: Obama has "…the most corrupt, incompetent, dangerous tyrannical administration in American history," declared the host of the Savage Nation

Dec. 10, 2011: Obama: many high-profile personalities, from Franklin Graham to the PolitiChicks, have grave doubts about your eligibility for the presidency

Dec. 9, 2011: It's time to Impeach Obama Now, before he does any more damage

Dec. 8, 2012: Islam expert, Bridgette Gabriel, explains why we should never elect a Muslim; he/she is allowed to lie under oath

Dec. 7, 2011: The West Virginia University Mountaineers Marching Band salutes the United States Armed Forces

Dec. 6, 2011:Obama: Sheriff Joe wants to see the microfilm of your long form birth certificate

Dec, 5, 2011: After America, there is no place to go: A first person account of Hitler's Germany by: Kitty Werthmann

Dec. 4, 2011: The Baby Jesus and Santa Claus: a Grandfather's Perspective

Dec. 3, 2011: Williamsport, Pennsylvania has something to offer the world in addition to the Little League World Series

Dec. 2, 2011: Obama facts from his mystical past? The US press comes up with a big fat goose egg!

Dec. 1, 2011: Where's the REAL Birth Certificate is a must read for all Americans who want to see Obama back in his homeland of Kenya, or wherever

Nov. 30, 2011: Donald Trump roundly berates Obama for clogging up the streets near tonight's NYC tree lighting

Nov. 29, 2011: Newt challenges Obama to 7 debates with a TelePrompTer [for Barry]

Nov. 28, 2011: Herman Cain had a better press conference than Obama has ever had

Nov. 27, 2011: Attention all parents, students, educators, judges, et al: Separation of church and state is a hoax and a myth!:

Nov. 26, 2011: Why isn't legal reform a greater concern for small businesses?

Nov. 25, 2011: Obama: why is China getting our jobs?

Nov. 24, 2011: Psalm 100 by King David

Nov. 23, 2011: Democrats, Republicans: throw them all out if they are involved with insider trading

Nov. 22, 2011: Obama: Where's your REAL Birth Certificate?

Nov. 21, 2011: Obama's Army: US labor unions serve as ground troops for the radical left

Nov. 20, 2011: Newt will defeat Obama in the general election by relentlessly juxtaposing the policies of government dependence against his record of fiscal responsibility and job creation

Nov. 19, 2011: The liberal media are turning a blind eye to an abundance of scandals involving the Obama administration; vote accordingly for the survival of our nation

Nov. 18, 2011: Obama used Bomber Bill Ayers as a babysitter as well as a fraudulent ghost writer

Nov. 17, 2011: Obama faces a New Hampshire hearing Friday as state lawmakers probe president's eligibility and alleged Social Security fraud

Nov. 16, 2011: Review of Newt 2012 Videos

Nov. 16, 2011: Newt says the budget super committee is a "maniacally stupid" idea

Nov. 15, 2011: Is Obama a Christian? Bob Jones III, asks 'Where Is the Evidence …?

Nov. 13, 2011: Let's take a YouTube look at Newt for president in 2012

Nov. 12, 2011: Newt highlights from Nov. 12, 2011 90 Minute National Journal/CBS Debate

Nov. 12, 2011: Obama: Jack Cashill wants to talk about your accuser, Larry Sinclair; let Herman have a little air!

Nov. 11, 2011: Obama fans send vile death threats to Sheriff Joe Arpaio because of his eligibility investigation; he says he also gets them from drug lords, too

Nov. 10, 2011: Obama's Body Men, Past and Present: Nick Colvin and Reggie Love

Warning: Adult preview recommended before anyone underage opens the YouTube Video in the link below

Nov. 9, 2011: Obama received fellation from Larry Sinclair 11/6-7/1999 and sold him an 8-ball of cocaine, in a limo and hotel, in Gurnee, IL

Nov. 8, 2011: Nov. 13 is a global day of prayer for persecuted Christians

Nov. 7, 2011: Now Democrats want Obama off the 2012 ballot, too!

Nov. 6, 2011: OccupyWallStreet Protestors: Who Parented These People?

Nov. 5, 2011: Cut to the Chaste!

Nov. 4, 2011: Obama: The Affirmative Action President

Nov. 3, 2011: Herman Cain smeared by anonymous accusations of sexual harassment cases in the 1990s

Nov. 2, 2011: Sheriff Joe's posse delivers promised Obama surprise

Oct. 31, 2011: Protect Your State from Sharia [Islamic] Law!

Oct. 30, 2011: Congressman Paul Ryan calls Obama out as the Divider in Chief

Oct. 29, 2011: Don't Pass Up a Chance to Watch the Inspirational Movie Courageous in Movie Theaters Now

Oct. 27, 2011: Obama: America needs the 20,000 jobs the Keystone XL Pipeline will bring

Oct. 26, 2011: Memo to Gov. Rick Perry: Obama is a forger and his birth certificate is a fake

Oct. 25, 2011: WorldNetWeekly Scoops Newsweek twice on "Yes We Cain" Cover

1Oct. 24, 2011: Here are two enhanced audio recordings that provide critical information about such things as cancer, and heart disease

Oct. 22, 2011: Where's the Conservative Republican in the Debate?

Oct.21, 2011: America was founded as One Nation under God. Love it or leave it

Oct. 20, 2011: If Obama wins the 2012 election, it may be because of thousands of voter fraud cases with the illicit help of Acorn, Barry's lap dog

Oct. 19, 2011: Obama is a proven forger and should be impeached ASAP

Oct. 18, 2011: Romney, as a member of the Mormon [LDS] religious cult and the putative father of socialized medicine, would be a questionable presidential candidate

Oct. 17, 2011: Just what is going on with all the Wall Street style occupy demonstrations

Oct. 15, 2011: LDS Mormonism is a religious cult

Oct. 13, 2011: Former Mormon writes a tell-all book about her former faith that makes us want to look at Romney more carefully

Oct. 12, 2011: Obama is the puppet and George Soros is the puppeteer

Oct. 10, 2011: How the price of this collectable souvenir plate has fallen all the way down from $24.99 to $1.97

Oct. 10, 2011: Evangelical Bible Teaching in Comparison to LDS [Mormonism]

Oct. 8, 2911: Violence that forces workers to join a union and pay dues whether they want to or not

Oct. 6, 2011: Farewell Steve Jobs: Apple, IIe, Mac, Pixar, iPod, iTunes, iPad, iStores iPhone

Oct. 5, 2011: Herman Cain poll numbers [et al] in a YouTube interview by Chris Wallace

Oct. 4, 2011: Obama "marching" with the new Black Panthers in 2007

Oct. 3, 2011: Overturn Obamacare; no one can afford it

Oct. 2, 2011: Obama's Gangster government is harassing workers with the help of NLRB thugs

Oct. 1, 2011: Destroy Obamacare: ten more reasons why we must not vote for Obama

Sept. 30, 2011: This is a world-wide prayer request for the life of Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani because he won't recant and return to Islam

Sept. 29, 2011: Herman Cain explains his 9-9-9 tax plan in a YouTube video

Sept. 28, 2011: General Vallely calls for Obama and his entire administration to resign

Sept. 27, 2011: Normalizing abnormality by teaching young children about homosexuality in school

Sept. 26, 2011: Christians defeated the Muslims in the Battle of Tours: 732 AD

Sept. 25, 2011: Herman Cain wins the Florida straw poll!

Sept. 24, 2011: Republican debate highlights from Gov. Gary Johnson and Herman Cain

Sept. 23, 2011: Obama has unleashed his AttackWatch.com website on the truth tellers of the nation

Sept. 22, 2011: Obama and the Democrat gas price hypocrisy

Sept. 21, 2011: Obama: we are helping to create jobs by slowing the EPA's regulatory runaway TRAIN

Sept. 20, 2011: Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu needs our prayer support as he comes to New York to address the UN Friday, Sept. 23rd

Sept. 19, 2011: Obama: Watch out! The sheriff's posse is on your tail!

Sept. 18, 2011: Obama is on track to ruin America by using the Cloward and Piven Plan Barry learned at Columbia

Sept. 17, 2011: Dixieland Jazz for Cows!

Sept. 17, 2011: US Airline Profiling Was Born in an Old Man's Racial Bitterness and Continues through Bureaucratic Lunacy

Sept. 16, 2011: The 9/11 Manhattan boat lift

Sept. 15, 2011: Obama: A call for Impeachment, Articles 1 through 5

Sept. 14, 2011: Obama's gangster government has raided Gibson guitar without known cause

Sept. 13, 2011: Obama: E-Verify says your SS number is "likely fraudulent"

Sept. 11, 2011: Afterglow: 9/11 decade remembrances

Sept. 11, 2011: World Trade Center Cross

Sept. 10, 2011: Obama: This isn't a jobs plan. This is a reelection plan. Sen. Mitch McConnell, (R-Ky.)

Sept. 9, 2011: Obama and his egg-head czars are running this country straight off a cliff

Sept. 7, 2011: Obama's gangster government grounded half Its fire-fighting planes just before the Texas wildfires that have killed 4 and destroyed countless homes

Sept. 6, 2011: Obama: Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. sounds like he fits in with the rest of your gangster government

Sept. 5, 2011: The Obama family lives extravagantly while many Americas struggle to put food on the table

Sept. 4, 2011: Governor Rick Perry and the evangelical voters

Sept. 3, 2011: President George W. Bush remembers the 9/11 Muslim attacks on NY, Pentagon, and PA

Sept. 2, 2011: Obama's darling green Solyndra goes belly up, wasting taxpayer dollars with more lost jobs

Sept. 1, 2011: A lesson in English collective nouns

August 31, 2011 Obama: A call for Impeachment, Article 4 of 5: Intimidation of voters

August 30, 2011: Obama: You'll love to hear what Pastor John Hagee and Glenn Beck have been doing in Israel

August 29, 2011: Obama and his czars; what a waste of taxpayer money we don't have and have to print or borrow it.

August 28, 2011: Obama's administration. Which news source do you trust to tell you the truth

August 27, 2011: Obama is lying about the amount of oil America has within our boundaries!

August 27, 2011: This is America. When ordering, speak English

August 26, 2011: Obama: you have no future in US politics but Sen. Mark Rubio does!

August 25, 2011: Obama doesn't want workers to have the right to work; he wants them in a union

August 25, 2011: Obama: with these unemployment percents, you are sunk in 2012

August 25, 2011: Obama: A call for Impeachment, Article 04 Treason, Hamas

August 24, 2011: Obama: would you like to know what Rush thinks of your administration?

August 23, 2011: Obama: America desperately needs the Keystone XL pipeline for fuel and jobs!

August 22, 2011: Obama is: Nero in the White House

August 21, 2011: Obama: Governor Perry is going to beat your socks off in the 2012 election

August 20, 2011: Monday, August 22 is the last day the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) will accept comments on its proposed changes

August 20, 2011: The Donald: "Our president is grossly incompetent. He doesn't know what he's doing. The world is laughing at us."

August 20, 2011: Obama: A call for Impeachment, Article 03 Literary Fraud

August 15, 2011: Obama may be involved in Chicago tax fraud, as well as real estate fraud, while his approval rating takes a 39% nose dive!

August 14, 2011: Obama: now we can have a real contest. Rick Perry is in the game!

August 13, 2011: Obama: we know about the Naked Communist and the 45 communist goals for taking over America

August 12, 2011: Obama: A call for Impeachment, Article 2 Social Security Fraud

August 12, 2011: Obama: an "unnamed" Republican has been beating you in the polls. How about Gov. Rick Perry of Texas?

August 11, 2011: Free DiskBooks PDF Downloads

August 7, 2011: Evangelical Christianity Is Taking over Planet Earth

August 7, 2011: Obama: labor unions in Wisconsin, and then Ohio are losing to the taxpayers

August 6, 2011: Obama: here are two things you could do now to cause jobs to materialize

August 5, 2011: Comparison of the presidencies of Obama and Dubya

August 4, 2011: Obama: sneakiest; Michelle most racist. Secret Service agents rate the first families

August 3, 2011: Obama: the Tea Party is out to get you

August 2, 2011:Obama: a call for Impeachment -- Contact your Governor, Senators, and Representative with letter 06 Impeachment Article 1

August 1, 2011: How close are we to the Communists? Try 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

July 31, 2011: Obama's Kenyan home village to be honored with a cultural center

July 30, 2011: Obama: Boeing is building the 787 Dreamliner in a Right to Work state

July 29, 2011: Obama: they are flying to Hawaii to check out your birth certificate in the DOH vault

July 28, 2011: Obama: a call for Impeachment. Contact your Governor, Senators, and Representative with letter 05 Impeachment

July 27, 2011: Congress: the SEC sent Martha Stewart to Prison for Insider Trading

July 26, 2011: National CUFI Chairman John Hagee reports on this year's Christians United for Israel [CUFI] conference in Washington

July 25, 2011: AntiObama Library of Must Reads

July 22, 2011: Obama: Move over. I'm planning to be President for a day

July 22, 2011: AntiObama folks: heads up. It's time to send a fourth letter to your Governor, Senators, and Representative

July 20, 2011: Obama, take note: Christians United for Israel meet in Washington, DC

July 18, 2011: Obama: now WND has 'irrefutable' proof you forged your birth certificate

July 16, 2011: Obama Congressional investigation; contact your Governor, Senators, and Representative with an e-mail message. A sample is provided.

July 15, 2011: Obama's Criminal Dossier According to Lawyer/Author Stephen Pidgeon in The Obama Error

July 15, 2011: Drawbridge's Posts Concerning Obama's Alleged Criminal Activities

July 14, 2011: Obama: the world is learning about the Muslim Brotherhood plan to take over America

July 12, 2011: Obama: are you a Saudi/Muslim "plant" in the White House?

July 11, 2011: Obama and his profligate Government Gone Wild

July 8, 2011: Schuller's Crystal Cathedral may be bought by Catholics

July 7, 2011: Obama: heads up; it's time to send another letter to our Governors, Senators, and Representatives

July 6, 2011: Obama is a forger: another computer expert confirms what thinking people have known since April 27, 2011

July 5, 2011: Obama: the presidential seal flew off your Cadillac while traveling the Pa. Turnpike because it knows you are an illegal alien and ineligible impostor

July 2, 2011: Obama: we want you to start Alaska offshore drilling STAT

July 1, 2011: Obama: you got off easy when Mark Halperin expressed his opinion into an open mike on MSNBC

June 30, 2011: Obama Congressional investigation; contact your Governor, Senators, and Representative

June 29, 2011: Obama: now Adobe book editor is positive your April 27th birth certificate is a sloppy forgery

June 27, 2011: Obama: half of We the People want Congress to start investigating your gangster government

June 27, 2011 updated: Obama Has Been Educated Beyond His Intelligence: Ten Proofs

June 25, 2011: Obama is hiding Washington's road to financial perdition!

June 24, 2011: Obama: Learn from NJ Gov. Chris Christie on the NBC Today Show

June 23, 2011: Obama: your open borders are costing us over half a trillion dollars a year!

June 22, 2011: Obama Poll: should Congress repeal ObamaCare and other policies? Should he be on the ballot in 2012?

June 21, 2011: Obama: Farrakhan calls you murderer; he used to call you Messiah

June 20, 2011: Obama: you can sure save some money by shutting down Michelle's vegetable garden and hostess shop!

June 17, 2011: Here's our race card: Herman Cain for President

June 17, 2011: Obama: have you heard Gen. Paul E. Vallely and three retired CIA agents brand your latest COLB a "forged document"

June 16, 2011: Obama: bogus SS# 042-68-4426 led to real estate fraud

June 14, 2011: Obama: Sarah Barracuda could eat your lunch 6 days a week and twice on Sunday

June 11, 2011: Obama Error: a new book; if you're a true blue American of any stripe, don't miss this interview

June 10, 2011: Obama: now the whole world believes you are a forger

June 8, 2011: Obama may have a confederate in Amazon: "My Diary…" is not the real thing!

June 7, 2011: Obama: Help keep him off the 2012 ballot

May 26, 2011: Obama II, Barack H. [AKA et all]: the FBI's forgery division is on lines 1 through 20

May 25, 2011: Obama: the year is 2011 just like we now have 50 states in the Union

May 24, 2011: Obama: here's how to help keep us under the debt ceiling

May 21, 2011: Dear President Obama, Click for Powerful Video

May 16, 2011: "Barack is a son of this village," Says Mama Sarah in Kenya

May 10, 2011: Obama Has Been Educated Beyond His Intelligence: Ten Proofs

May 7, 2011: Enter Herman Cain for President

May 6, 2011: Obama is a dishonest forger: scientific proof, in addition to being born in Kenya, not the USA

April 30, 2011 Obama Eligibility Primer: Download this free booklet as a 32-page pdf file.

May 16, 2011 Obama Story: from Fetus to Forger

April 28. 2011 Obama: Narcissist or Merely Narcissistic, according to Dr. Sam