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DiskBooks Copyright 
The Friendliest Copyright
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©1994 DiskBooks Electronic Publishing

Have you seen Mel Gibson's movie, The Passion of the Christ?

If you're considering using material from a DiskBooks product, this copyright information will be good news for you.

We want to make it easy for you to use the materials from our on-line publication in any combination of the following ways:

Regarding Free Access and Distribution: Permission is hereby granted to freely copy a DiskBooks title in electronic form, or to reproduce multiple hard copies for personal or organizational use, subject to these provisions:

  1. Any product made with the aid of material from a DiskBooks publication [beyond the limitations of fair use] will be distributed without cost to the users. The users will not have to pay for the product nor to access the product on line, nor will they have to pay to attend a workshop or training event in which DiskBooks products are used.

    It is permissable under the terms of this copyright to make a nominal charge for the service of punching and binding a DiskBooks publication as long as this service is optional and not mandatory. See Help in Using PDF Files for more information.

  2. The text of a document in which DiskBooks material is reproduced will credit the source, as follows:

© (Copyright date) by DiskBooks Electronic Publishing
Used with the expressed permission of the copyright owner

If you are using a DiskBooks product for something you are planning to sell with an appropriate source citation, you are limited to fair use quotations, just as with any other copyrighted product.

Not only will we let you do it, we'll help you do it, if we can, by providing free technical assistance via e-mail. Much of what we have is available in the following formats for Windows and Macintosh:

    1. Portable Document Format [.pdf] for the free Adobe Reader

    2. .Lit for Microsoft Reader [also free] [Windows only]

    3. Rich Text Format [.rtf] for all major word processors

    4. You name it; we may be able to give you an electronic translation.

    5. .EXE Self-Extracting Compressed Files [Windows only]

Remember: once it's been typed on disk, you never have to type it again unless it changes! If you see it on a diskbooks.org website and you want to use it in something you're doing for a nonprofit organization: don't type it; don't scan it; download it. Or, just ask us for technical assistance by clicking the mail link below.

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