Obama and Voting Hypocrisy!

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By Dave Bego -- February 19, 2013

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On Tuesday, February 12, 2013, President Obama delivered his fourth State of the Union address. A gifted orator, the President's speech was once again well-planned, charmingly executed and confidently delivered, effectively masking the misinformation and propaganda contained within. The speech was further evidence of the President's union roots, and his extensive training and ability in executing "organizing campaigns," specifically designed to convert the easily manipulated and mislead, the "oppressed," and the social idealists.
To their credit, members of the mainstream media have pointed out certain misinformation the President provided in his speech, most notably with regards to the Administration's supposed creation of six million jobs - while failing to address the increased unemployment rate - and the President's assertion that the deficit had been reduced by 2.5 Trillion dollars when it has actually increased. There has been some recognition in the media that many of the President's proposals would reap great benefit and reward to the President's "Big Labor" allies. This includes high priority items on the President's agenda, such as increases in education spending, infrastructure "Fix it First" programs, pre-school programs, an increase in the minimum wage, and green energy and immigration reform.
While the media has opened its eyes to some of these favors the President is pulling out for Big Labor - the minimum wage proposal is a favorite of Big Labor, because it would give them leverage for future contract negotiations - they fail to understand that the Obama Administration is effectively running a campaign on the American people. The push for an increase to the minimum wage, for example, is an old trick used by Big Labor when trying to force unionize employees. In the realm of labor organizing, Big Labor organizers will spin the misinformation to promise employees a wage increase if they vote for union representation. Ultimately, however, any increase which may be achieved comes with job losses or reductions in hours, as the business has not budgeted for the increase and can not simply absorb the financial hit. It is a give and take. The President's "campaign" to increase the minimum wage likewise sounds great on the surface as he promises misinformed Americans that he will get them a raise by increasing the minimum wage if they support him and his benefactors! He has failed, however, to tell Americans that such an increase will not simply be absorbed by businesses; that such an increase will be met with job reductions, terminations, cutting of hours and benefits, and other actions that will certainly increase the nation's unemployment numbers. Businesses simply cannot afford to absorb this additional cost, particularly when it is coupled with the President's tax increases, the cost of Obamacare, and the additional regulatory costs he is imposing. All of which is a convenient lack of information by the President, his administration, and their labor supporters!
Even more concerning is that the media has overlooked the biggest hypocrisy of all! In his discussion of gun control, the President turned to point out the families of victims from areas dramatically affected by gun violence, including Aurora, Newtown, Oak Creek, Tucson and others, and demanded that, "They deserve a vote." On this issue, the President is absolutely correct. They do deserve a vote, as do all Americans, on all aspects of government. In actuality, however, the President's rhetoric is just another instance of the President's "do as I say not as I do" mentality. There is no doubt that these incidents are tragedies and our collective hearts go out to the families and victims. However, the hypocrisy surfaces when the President threatens to use an Executive Order to control guns, under the guise of "they deserve a vote."
It is there that the hypocrisy lies. This President will rally the cry of "they deserve a vote" when it fits his agenda, but when the situation does not, he will take whatever action is necessary to accomplish his objectives. The President had no regard for "they deserve a vote" when he unconstitutionally made recess-appointments to the National Labor Relations Board, without the consent of Congress. And he does not care about the deserving vote of millions of employees and companies when it comes to deciding whether the employees wish to have a union to represent them in negotiations with their employer. Instead, the President believes in and has pressed the union's agenda to pass Card Check. The card check process circumvents the fundamental right for employees to decide if they want union representation by voting in a secret ballot election, and instead allows Big Labor to impose its will upon unsuspecting employees and employers. A process, which involves intimidation, misinformation, pressure and mandate! This process guarantees exponential increases in dues-paying members for the unions and political payback for the President.
The President advocates "they deserve a vote" when it is in his best interest or to complete part of his agenda, as in the case of gun control, but not when it interferes with his "social justice" agenda and/or payback to his Big Labor buddies. In the President's warped world, it is perfectly fine to allow a vote on ideas he champions and believes he can win, but not on agendas he knows he and his Big Labor buddies cannot win. What kind of political system does this resemble, Socialism, Communism, Dictatorship? The President is advocating that the rules of the game be changed when they don't suit him. The President knows he would not win the popular vote on gun control, but extends the fig leaf knowing he will ultimately invoke Executive Order to achieve his plans. In the meantime, he utilizes popular rhetoric to his advantage.
Conversely, he knows allowing employees to vote to decide if they want union representation will not fulfill his agenda of Big Labor payback and "social justice" so he cannot champion "they deserve a vote." Instead, he is intent on bypassing our time tested and revered three branch system of government, which provides checks and balances, to pursue Card Check through the regulatory process. This is a President who has little regard for the Constitution and basic American freedoms; a President who is willing to impose his will to achieve his agenda and the agendas of his benefactors in order to fundamentally change America. Sadly, the freedoms of all Americans are being taken through the flowery rhetoric and misleading propaganda of a President trained in Big Labor tactics.
It is hypocrisy at the highest level!

G. Edwin Lint, BS, ThB, MA, -- Editor
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