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Demon Possession Handbook
©1995 by DiskBooks

Bible Sex Facts
©1996 by DiskBooks

J.F. Cogan, Author

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If you're considering downloading DiskBooks, this copyright information will be good news for you.

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We want to make it easy for you to use the materials from any DiskBook in any combination of the following ways:

A. Duplicate entire copies for distribution to members of your congregation, class, or other organization.

B. Use extended excerpts in materials you are writing, whether in hard copy or electronic (on-line) format.

Permission is hereby granted to freely copy these DiskBooks in electronic form, or to reproduce multiple hard copies for personal or organizational use, subject to these provisions:

1. Any product made with the aid of material from a DiskBook [beyond the limitations of fair use] will be distributed without cost or consideration to the users.

2. The text of a document in which material in a DiskBook is reproduced will credit the source, as follows:

© 1995/1996 by DiskBooks
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Used with the expressed permission of the copyright owner.

The Difference between Rich Text Format and ASCII (Text)
Rich text format (rtf) will work with any word processor that has an rtf import filter installed. All my files are created on a Macintosh computer and in Microsoft Word 6.0.1 word processor. However, if you have an IBM with WordPerfect and an rtf filter, you will see my files on your computer with the original formatting, such as margins, justification, centering, bold, italics, and fonts (depending on the fonts you have installed on your IBM.)

On the other hand, if you order a book in text (ASCII) format, you will get a plain-vanilla version. You will get all the words, but without the original formatting.

Here is a simulation of the same paragraph as you will see it in rtf and text:


Rich Text Format Sample

The rich text format option does exactly what the name implies. You get such goodies as bolding and italics.

(ASCII) Sample


The rich text format option does exactly what 
the name implies. You get such goodies as bolding and italics.


Attention DOS/Windows Users: Your text files will also include a hard carriage return at the end of each line. This is a real nuisance if you plan to use a portion of a DiskBook in another document where you will be using new margins and font sizes. These hard carriage returns will need to be removed, either by on-screen editing or with careful use of your word processor's search and replace command. Macintosh text files do not include hard carriage returns at the end of each unless you specifically request them that way.

The only reason you would want to order text instead of rtf is if your word processor can't handle Rich Text Format. If that is the case, I suggest you try to buy or download a rich text format import filter for your word processor

Of course, the you may want to consider a one-button download powered by Acrobat Reader by Adobe. These files are available at:

Attention: J. F. Cogan

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This product is an excellent tool for creating IEPs and curricula. It consists of the following components:

  • 16 Subject Areas
  • 105 Goal Areas under the Subject Areas
  • 4,830 Objectives under the Goal Areas
  • 2,719 Suggested Activities for achieving the objectives.