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Consultation Charges

G. Edwin Lint, M.A.

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Basic Charges

$300 per 8-hour day
$65 per hour for periods of less than one full day

Minimum charge will be for 3 hours, plus expenses.

All amounts are in U.S. funds.
Consultations may be arranged for any combination of topics.
Handouts and Special Accommodations
All consultations include handouts. The consultant will provide camera-ready originals five working days before the first event. It will be the responsibility of the agency to duplicate the handouts in sufficient quantity for the participants.

The presentation and all materials will be in English. Arrangements for persons needing special accommodations will be the sole responsibility of the contracting agency.
Definition of Agency
The term agency will mean any school district, church, or other organization which is authorized to sign a legally-binding contract.
Portal to portal mileage @ $.30 per mile for distances of less than 200 miles.
Overnight Travel Expenses

When service is provided more than 50 miles from headquarters

Subsistence: $30.00 per day.

Lodging: the cost of the local Holiday Express Inn, or closest equivalent

Other expenses, such as tolls, taxi, and related phone calls, will be included on the invoice.
Air travel and car rental charges must be mutually agreed upon between the agency and consultant before the fact; mode of air travel shall be business class but will exclude the use of commuter-type aircraft.

Preferred method of arranging air travel: After the contract is signed,the agency will purchase a round-trip ticket between Harrisburg International Airport (HIA) and the site of the consultation and mail it to the consultant. The ticket will be sent Priority Mail in time to arrive 5 working days before the first event is scheduled to take place.
The agency will provide 50% of the projected charges [via agency check] when the contract is signed. The consultant will submit an itemized invoice for the remainder of the costs within 5 work days of completion of the contract; payment of the remainder will be due 35 days after service has been provided.

Payment on an extended contract will be made to the consultant by the agency every 30 days.
Two or more agencies may contract for services as long as a single agency is responsible for billing and payment.

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